53 W. Alluvial
Fresno, CA 93650, United States

Michelle Quezada


Stylist: Rob - owner

Rob is a genius! He suggests styles you never thought you could wear, then proceeds to execute them flawlessly. If you have curly hair, I highly recommend a visit to Rob...a totally delightful experience! A Happy Client

Reviewed on: 18.01.13

Stylist: Rob

Rob is a genius! He suggests styles you never thought you could wear, then proceeds to execute them flawlessly. If you have curly hair, I highly recommend a visit to Rob.....a totally delightful experience! A Happy client

Reviewed on: 10.01.13

Stylist: Rob

I have never had an experience with a stylist before where I walked away thinking, "This is it. This is my guy." SO knowledgable about the tendencies of curls, passionate about his trade, and instills so much confidence. I walked in with a hack job and the response was "yea, it's bad, but we can fix it." Furthermore, he neither pushed products or tries to convince you to come back more often than you need -- told me not to think about coming back before 12 weeks (I'm trying to grow my hair out) and that after that I could coast through till the holidays. 10 out of 10

Reviewed on: 30.04.12

Stylist: Rob

The Top 10 Reasons I get my hair cut at La Dolce Vita: 1. Rob is HOT.!!! 2. Great color (I've always get tons of compliments and my hair is shiny and healthy) 3. Rob is HOT!!! 4. Fabulous cut (Rob is skilled at cutting and styling my very, very curly hair) 5. Rob is HOT!!! 6. Your appointment is all about you (you are the center of attention, very personalized service, no distractions) 7. Rob is HOT!!! 8. Very convenient hours (Although he has a large clientele, Rob always manages to find time for me) 9. Did I mention...Rob is HOT!!! 10. Awesome conversation, lots of laughs (Like spending an afternoon catching up with a old friend)

Reviewed on: 22.03.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Perfect , good cuts , good up do . If you have curly hair go here

Reviewed on: 12.09.11

Stylist: Rob

I recently traveled back to NJ from NH and made sure I had an appointment with Rob!! I cut my hair with him for the last three years that I lived in NJ and since moving to NH five years ago, have had no luck finding a good stylist and colorist that understands my locks!! Rob is a true PRO!! After countless attempts to have my hair blow dried straight here with stylists who claim to know how to do it, he was a master at it and got it PERFECT not to mention the exceptional color, style and vibrance that my hair still has two months after my cut. I'm dreading my next cut as I know I will have to stick it out until I travel back to NJ in Sept for my next appt with him. Not only will I pay whatever it costs, but I will travel the 200+ miles to see him!

Reviewed on: 14.07.11

Stylist: Rob

5 stars. Rob gave me a thorough consult my first visit and honestly the best hair cut I've ever had. He did exactly what I was hoping for and avoided the 'triangle head'. He's a little pricey for me, but I'd rather go twice a year to him then any other place I've been. Definatly recommend a try with Rob.

Reviewed on: 15.06.11

Stylist: Rob

I love Rob, he does such an amazing job with my hair! I've been going to him for about 4 years, it's the greatest feeling in the world when you find someone who REALLY understands how to treat curls, after having endured frustration & some horrible haircuts during my life. I love the whole idea of going to the salon & was always disappointed that I couldn't truly enjoy or be satisfied with it until I found Rob on this website! He did a thorough consultation in advance, and had me bring as many pictures as I could find of celebs I thought had similar hair to mine (I brought pics of Shakira's curls)..and also spent a lot of time with me discussing products & techniques to use at home. That was about 4 years ago & I have been going to Rob faithfully since, he is a wonderful guy with amazing talent. I have grown out all the damage I've done to my hair over time with such great results because of Rob's awesome haircuts. If he charged a million bucks, I would find a way to pay it!! :)

Reviewed on: 18.02.11

Stylist: Jennifer

Jennifer has consistently given me awesome cuts!!! She's curly as well and seems to instinctively cut hair in way to really optimize curl (which is probably hard for her with my hair because I'm somewhere between a 2 and 3, with some odd straight bits at the nape). I walked out today with the perfect curly bob. I'll never let anyone touch my hair but Jennifer. Be warned, she uses non-CG products but since I'm a mod-CG, i'm fine with it once every 8-10 weeks.

Reviewed on: 04.09.10

Stylist: Rob

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have finally found someone who understands my hair! Rob did what countless other stylists could not do for me. I have been struggling with my curly hair since I was a little girl, no one ever knew how to cut my hair. I have tried so many different people, then just settled on a stylist that would do the least damage, but everytime she was finished I would still look like a puff ball! I would get my hair cut by her then wait at least a year to go back for another cut because I was traumatized by the last cut. Not this time! Rob is an artist! He worked wonders with my normally untamable hair! I cannot say thank you enough! I will tell all my curly haired friends to come see you Rob!

Reviewed on: 22.12.09

Stylist: Rob

Rob's skills are downright FABULOUS! I never was happy with any haircut I've gotten in the past, that stopped once I started going to Rob. He definitely understands how to cut very curly hair! He is also an amazing colorist, my color & cut always look great, and he uses great products that don't damage my hair. I definitely recommend him, he is wonderful!

Reviewed on: 27.04.09

Stylist: Rob - owner

I have been cutting my hair with Rob for three years now and he is the best stylist I have ever been too. I have been getting my hair CHOPPED by stylists claiming to "know" curly hair. Rob takes his time in getting to know your hair. He really looks at the shape of your face and makes suggestions as to what will work for you. After a consult, only then does he actually get to cutting your hair. He touches up your hair after it's dry to ensure you have the right shape. This is the first time my curls have had style....dry or wet, straight or curled!! I love it!! I recently moved to NH and missing Rob. Needless to say I've planned trips to NJ every two months. Oh..did I mention that my cuts last for weeks!!

Reviewed on: 25.02.07

Stylist: Rob

Wow! This was the best experience at a hair salon ever. Knowledgable, extremely friendly, great hair cut.

Reviewed on: 06.10.06