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Stylist: Noelle

Where to begin...

I went to ellenoir salon about three months ago and I had a very disappointing experience. I have mostly wavey hair, sometimes with a loose curl. Before I had my hair cut, I had very long hair, almost to my bottom and I was ready to have to cut to my mid back.  I felt confident going to this salon since I live in the same town and I don't know of any other salons that specialize in curly hair in my area.

Firstly, I arrived at the salon a few minutes late due to traffic. My stylist Noelle was very passive aggressive towards me because of my lateness and then seemed very aggravated when my hair was a bit damp from the rain. I could see that I was the only client at the salon at the time and there weren't any customers so this was confusing to me. I asked her to give me a nice style and shorten my length. I found the cut to be mediocre at best. During the time I was there, I saw her speak condescendingly to her staff, and she spoke badly of past staff members. She also spoke about her experiences with her son's teachers very negatively and I found the information too personal. This was very awkward for me because I was the only person there and I felt her behaviour was uncalled for, and unlike anything I had experienced in retail setting before.

My hair was cut much too short for my liking, but I was told it was to add shape. I thought it looked scraggly and blobby. Considering I spent a grand total of 2.5 hours there for a simple haircut, I was not impressed.

I took a look around the boutique area and was unimpressed again. the bath and beauty 'products' appeared to be very homemade and had messy labels.

Overall I felt very underwhelmed and unwelcomed so I won't be going back. When I recounted my experience to friends and acquaintances who also live in town many of them expressed having similar experiences with this woman.

Reviewed on: 18.08.16

Stylist: Tia and Noell

I got a haircut from stylist Tia a few weeks ago.

I really enjoyed learning about the divacurl experience and what it did do for my curly curls. I love the products she used on my hair so much that I bought all three of them upon leaving the salon. Tia was a sweet and attentive lady and she listened to what I said I wanted. I wasn't very impressed with Noell, the owner of the spa. She was very bossy an belittling to her staff and swore far too much for a spa.

 I was enjoying my haircut from Tia when Noelle came over and starting cutting my hair the way I told Tia I didn't want which was confusing for me. The style looked like little baby snakes on my head when i left and I washed it out when I got home before my husband would see. I like how my hair looks when I rake ta very small amount of gel threw my hair at home better. I brush the curls out with a bristly boar brush I have from Austria and I like the big hair look. The cut was very nice, I just didn't like the styling very much.

The spa was very appealing on the inside and I thought the bottles looked like harry potter, which me niece loves. 

Reviewed on: 23.05.16

Stylist: Noelle

I had my hair cut and styled by owner/stylist, Noelle.

What I liked:

The curls themselves look good and healthy.

Noelle took time to teach me about techniques that I will try at home.

Also the salon itself is very bright and attractive.

What I didn't like:

The shape of the hair was boxy, uneven, and unflattering. I described what I wanted and Noelle told me why I didn't want that and gave me what must be the standard Deva cut instead.

The style I walked out of the salon with was terrible. My family hated it so much they asked me to wash it out before we went out that night.

Noelle was rude to the people working for her. I felt really sorry for the way they were being treated.

On balance, I don't know if I'd return. I've heard other stylists in the same salon are more interested in giving you a haircut that flatters your particular face and style, so perhaps I will try one of them.

Reviewed on: 09.04.16

Stylist: Noelle

I am giving this salon a 3, because the first time that I went to it, I loved it. I had Sarah as a stylist and she did a great job on my hair. I felt like I was in a hair commercial when I walked out. I found I didn't like the DevaCurl products they so heavily endorse, but nonetheless wanted to return to the salon because I still liked the cut. For once, I wasn't nervous about going to get my hair cut. I have always had very long hair and have trouble allowing people to cut it. But this time I wasn't worried. However, my second time in the store I had Noelle. She is a great lady- very nice, talkative, helpful...she even suggested products that I could use if it was a month when I couldn't afford Devacurl, which I thought was fabulous. However- I was very disappointed with my haircut. In fact, my mom called it the worst I've ever had (and she has spent a lot of time dealing with my hair when I was a kid so she knows what she is talking about). I specifically said I didn't want framing as I absolutely hate when I have short pieces of hair. Lo and behold, there was still framing done on my hair. Not only that- but it was completely uneven. One side was at least three inches shorter than the other. My hair was all choppy and it does not look good. I have been wearing it in a messy bun almost since then because I hate when it's down. The one uneven side kept falling out of the ponytail because it was too short. It's still only to about my shoulder (I got it cut in October) and I had specifically said that I couldn't stand when my hair was shorter than my shoulders- ANY part of my hair because it curls and looks ridiculous. Anyway, I still liked the service there- the friendliness, the atmosphere, etc. I should also mention that Noelle asked me to come back to check the cut but I was too afraid to go back and have more really short pieces be created to even it up. So that part is my fault for not going back. But I will be sure to ask for Sarah next time because I am too disappointed with the way my hair turned out this time. It will probably take me a long time to go back to get my hair cut again. I

Reviewed on: 27.02.14

Stylist: Victoria

The stylists at Ellenoire are by far the best curly hair stylists in our region (Southern Ontario). Since being introduced to the salon I have finally been able to love and embrace my curls and not fight them any longer! Noelle, the owner of the salon has been integral in my "curl" journey. With her knowledge, expertise and support, I finally *sigh of relief* can enjoy my curls. Victoria, my current stylist is lovely, well trained in curl specific techniques, open to my suggestions, compassionate to my "curl journey", efficient and I have absolute confidence that I am going to not only enjoy my experience at Ellenoire, but walk out with confidence and pure pleasure that I am walking out not a "curl disaster"! LOVE LOVE LOVE Elleniore! They saved my "curly" life! ?

Reviewed on: 06.02.14

Stylist: Victoria

Ellenoire has introduced me to Deva Curl and shared great tips to keep my curls looking their best. I trust my hair to no one else. Victoria is the angel of curls and scalp massage. She made me very happy with a new style and great cut.

Reviewed on: 05.02.14

Stylist: Victoria

Victoria is amazing! Not only did my hair look great after my cut/style, it actually behaved better for weeks afterwards. I am the worst type of curl client- bleach blonde hair, heat styling...the works. I walked out with a cut that complimented my poor tortured follicles & I learned some cool stuff about managing my specific type of curl. My favourite part of Ellenoire is that I didn't feel a shred of judgement from anyone that I encountered - pretty refreshing from a salon! Usually I have that awkward post-cut phase, because someone has razored my curls or given me weird layers that have to get used to, but not anymore...i'm totally hooked on how beautiful and MANAGEABLE my hair has become. THANK YOU VICTORIA!

Reviewed on: 05.02.14

Stylist: Sarah

I am a 47 yr old man who has been searching for a salon in the Hamilton area that would not just cut my hair an give me what was the trendiest style , but give me a cut that suits me an my life style. I have thick wavy hair and work out side for a living so I need something easy. ( I still want to look good ) Sarah has taken my mane of hair and cut it so well that even if I can not get to see her for a couple of months it still grows in looking great. I now will travel 3 hrs and arrange visiting family an getting my hair cut to come an see her. At the same time pick up some home made soap that does not make me smell like grandmas garden.

Reviewed on: 04.02.14

Stylist: Sarah

Sarah is vey nice and knowledgable. You won't be disappointed. The owner is really loud and pushy and the guy behind the desk is a bit of a diva. If it were not for Sarah, I would never step foot in that place again. There is nothing relaxing or enjoyable about Ellenoire.

Reviewed on: 04.01.13