520 S Mill Ave # 205
Tempe, AZ 85281, United States

Stylist: Khristine

I am new to Arizona from NYC and I have had a TIME trying to find someone to color and cut my curly hair. My hair is 3b with multiple textures and extremely dark. I love to wear my hair blonde (think Gabrielle on America's Next Top Model) and well shaped, but couldn't find anyone to take care of me. UNTIL NOW! Khristine @ Mood Swings Salon on Mill Ave. ROCKED IT! She not only took time and care to get the color done, but she's into healthy hair! She killed the cut by taking her time with the curls then took me to the bowl again and proceeded to wet set me and pull apart the curls after diffusing. Just walking from the salon to my car, I've received like 10 "I love your hair" remarks from people and at least 3 second looks in traffic. She may be a white chic with bone straight hair, but I believe she is a chica in disguise!

Reviewed on: 24.03.10