Janesville, WI 53545, United States
Mikhaela Khotiner

Stylist: Tammy Plemon

Tammy is My Hero! She took of 10 inches for me years ago after honoring my desire for ridiculously long hair for no less than 4 years. Since then she has fixed at least one "straight-hair" cut that a TERRIBLE-for-curlies stylist gave me and works with me every single time I go in to get the best cuts! She never takes off too much and she ALWAYS honors my curls. She has never suggested, in any way shape or form, that I go straight, and has even listened and researched various opinions and research on how to cut and style curls properly. She looked into the natural products I use for shampoo to keep the SLS out of my hair. She looked into the Ouidad salon and their cutting techniques. She is WONDERFUL and fairly easy to get into, as well as just plain a nice gal to chat with and give your money to! Lastly, her prices are SUPER REASONABLE, right now I pay about $25 and that includes my tip, for a wash, cut and style. I recommend her to ALL my Fellow Curly Girlies!

Reviewed on: 30.12.10