33382 Walker Road
Avon Lake , OH 44012, United States

Stylist: Jen Ebner

I have been told my hair is hard to cut, color and style by every stylist I ever went to, except Jen! She makes me feel beautiful and teaches me how to actually style my cut on my own :-) the whole salon is clean and always up to date on their product they sell. The salon rates are also great. I drive an hour and a half only to go to this salon, I love it there.

Reviewed on: 13.06.13

Stylist: Holly / Owner Sherry

I started going to this salon two years ago when I moved to the area. Holly was my hairstylist. She has been bleaching my hair and the bleached burned my head. Late August 2012 she colored my hair using a new color and shortly after that color my hair started to break off. It has been horrible since 90 percent of my hair has broken off. I reported it to Holly and the owner Sherry had me come in. Sherry tells me that it is my curling iron and since I am Hispanic that my ethnic hair is weak. Really? I have been coloring my hair for over 20 years and my hair was in awesome condition. . I have never been so humiliated in my life. No apology, no sincere concern and after being an outstanding client for two years spending on average 200.00 a visit this is how I was treated. They over-processed my hair and then blame me and use my race against me. Unbelievable.. I have lost total respect for this place and I would never recommend this place to anyone. I visited two salons after this incident and both salons said that my hair was over processed and that the hairdresser obviously didn't know what she was doing. After much embarrassment and LOTS of tears I have had to cut my hair very short and start to regrow my hair I again. . In a nutshell, FINA BELLA is a horrible salon and they should not be allowed to provide such horrible service and humiliate customers the way I was humiliated. Shame on them.

Reviewed on: 08.12.12

Stylist: Temeka

I just got my first Deva Cut with Temeka and she did an awesome job! She and 2 other stylists at the salon just got Deva certified in Nov. 2009. It was just so great to have some one cut my hair that knows how to handle it! It was great to leave the salon with my hair looking better than when I went in and leave curly; not blown out!

Reviewed on: 29.01.10