37W 57St
NYC, NY , United States

Stylist: Ayanna

Type 3A. Best move I ever made was taking a chance on Quidad Salon. While I always had great Curly hair that people commented on, it was Ayanna who taught me how to manage and bring my curls to the next level. I wish I had gone to her prior to going to Oscar Blandi which cut off over 5 inch's and straightened it. Yes, it was gorgeous, but not me, I'm a curly girl to the end. I went to Ayanna because she is an educator and therefore, I knew I could trust her with one of my greatest assets. After a much needed cut, head of highlights (that didn't damage my locks)and products that I recommend to people all over the world, if you want to have ravishing curls that a man can run their hands through. I've never looked back and will never go anywhere else. And remember, you pay for what you get, so although, some may consider them pricey, I consider them priceless! Highly recommend.

Reviewed on: 24.02.10