1889 Union St
San Francisco, CA 94123, United States

Stylist: I forgot

came here on a whim a couple of summers ago.. what is it with stylists and long nails? Cut your nails!!  You are here to play close to peoples skin. 

Reviewed on: 07.12.16

Stylist: David Morris

I went to Berenice salon as a walk-in after finding it on this website. David happened to be available and did a wonderful job. I can tell he's built skill over long experience as he was ready to handle any situation presented - this time a touch-up color and trim for me. Will definitely visit again if I'm looking for a hair treatment!

Reviewed on: 09.10.14

Stylist: Tami Quan

I am a major fan of Tami Quan's. What most impresses me about her is that she has such a comfort level with curly hair and all it's challenges. I have never left the salon without someone stopping me on the street to ask where I get my hair done, and these inquiries continue in between cuts. It says a a mouthful when "strangers want your hair." Yes, she is a curly girl and has taught me how not to fight with my hair. That she stays current with continuing education is another plus. I recommend her unconditionally and look forward to seeing her every ten weeks.

Reviewed on: 06.07.10

Stylist: Tami Quan

I had a great experience with Tami. She is a curly girl herself and is chock full of tips on how to optimize curly hair as well as the Deva products. I am growing out a very short haircut and she gave me a fabulous Deva curly bob (cut dry of course) to help ease me through the transition. As I walked out I heard someone on the street say "Wow I love her hair"! Unfortunately the price is pretty high ($86 including tip) and I'm not a huge fan of the Deva products as they always leave my hair a little drier than usual, but it's great to know that I won't be getting a ton of silicone on my hair that will be difficult to wash off later. I also felt super pampered (I was offered a robe and tea :) and sometimes that in itself is worth it!

Reviewed on: 25.04.10