15954 Harlem Avenue
Frankfort, IL 60477, United States

Stylist: Becky

**This review was originally posted here, then was removed by someone other than me and placed under "Vagabonds" in Tinley. Pretty irked by that! So, I am posting this here again so there is accurate info out there on the web. Also, Amato is located in Tinley Park, not Frankfort. "The color and cut were great! But beware of hidden charges, even for toner and extra conditioner. I am not happy when I make an appointment to go to a certain stylist and the stylist training under her ends up working on me. She'd just throw on the deep conditioner, saying "Becky says you need this," never inform me of the extra charge, and then I get to the register to find out the bill is $15 more because of it. Each visit was $150-$200 so I just had to part ways. Unfortunate, because I really liked the color, but that's just too much for me to pay on hair services. I'd get the same services more than once and each time the bill was a different amount."

Reviewed on: 17.12.11

Stylist: Becky

I was referred to Becky by a friend of mine who has naturally curly hair. When I arrived she was very friendly and sympathetic to my needs. Becky designed beautiful color and a cut to play up my curls and I love it! She also printed out an at home care and maintenance plan for me. I never expected to receive such awesome service! Now I love my hair and haven't taken a blowdryer or flat iron to it in weeks!

Reviewed on: 24.03.06