2305 N. Hullen Street
Metairie, LA 70006, United States
Shauntay Larkins

Stylist: Wendy Corrona

Wendy was sweet and very knowledgeable about curls. She was so helpful and she really took the time to work with my daughter. They talked and figured out what will work best for her curls. My daughter walked out happy, confident, and excited about her curls! Thanks for helping her embrace her lovely locks :)

Reviewed on: 12.10.12

Stylist: Wendy Corrona

Wendy is the BEST. I've been going to her for years and now my husband (also a curly) goes to her as well. She herself has naturally wavy-curly hair, so she understands how to cut, style and care for curls. She's the only stylist that has ever been able to style my curls after a cut - everyone else has either resorted to a blow out or has turned my curls into a rat's nest. She's incredibly personable and she LISTENS to what I want - she knows that a half inch trim means just that: half an inch, not two inches. The overall feel of the salon is cozy and welcoming ~ customers who've never met before end up chatting and laughing as if they've know each other for years. Wendy's expertise, sweet dispostion and the amiable vibe of the salon, you're sure to leave with a smile on your face.

Reviewed on: 23.01.11