219 E Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI , United States

Stylist: Clarence

I am of mixed race and I have thick curly hair. I went to Cappello's last weekend to get my hair wash, cut, and flat ironed. My hair was cut only 3 inches and not even styled or layered. Then my hair was "flat ironed". It wasn't flat ironed right and was still frizzy and didn't even last through the entire day. All together I spent $40. I had to go to another salon the next day to get it flat ironed again. The most annoying part is that I called Cappello's to complain and they came up with the excuse that usually the haircut (let's remember it was only a 3 inch trim) was $40 and that I had been given a discount. Then Clarence called me and left a voice mail message saying that he doesn't refund money after he completes a service. That's like a restaurant telling a dissatisfied customer that they can't refund their money once they've tried the bad food.

Reviewed on: 29.08.06