215 Fremont Str
San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

Adrienne R


Stylist: Jeff

I can give Jeff the barest instructions and still walk out with exactly what I want. I have had very short to medium length cuts from him. He cuts my 2b/2c hair wet, often with a razor. He is great at taking the weight out of my hair to bring up my curls, which take some serious work to get bouncy. He isn't the best at styling it for me, but I have never found a stylist who is able to style my hair as well as I do. I always go home and restyle unless I've gotten a blowout anyway. Perhaps because I've told him this, he doesn't worry about it too much. The salon is full of very fashionable, but friendly people and is run very well. Their prices are typical for a full service salon in SF, so not cheap. They carry some great products, though I use Deva and they do not carry that line. I never feel pressured to buy products. I also get my color by Claire, who gives the most excellent head massages during your wash.

Reviewed on: 29.10.13