The W Salon

713 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903

User Reviews

Stylist: Alisha Rodrigues

I took my step daughter to The W Salon. Staff was friendly and atmosphere was good. My step daughter has curly hair that is out of control frizzy. I have very straight fine hair and can not help her with her hair. My step daughter was thrilled with her hair style when we left. Alisha did a great job. My husband and I both thought it looked great and want our daughter to love her curly hair. I think the Deva cut helped!

Reviewed on 06.14.13

Stylist: Alisha Rodrigues

My visit to The W Salon was extremely pleasant! Initially, I was nervous seeing that I am new to the Providence area, a black woman with crazy 3b/c hair, and no friends or family to get the salon 411 from. But I came to and read a review from a previous visitor and decided to try them out. After years of the traditional haircut, I was excited to be getting my first Deva Cut and couldn't wait to fall in love with my curls again. SIDE NOTE: I haven't had the proper TLC for my hair since January, so I was loooooooong overdue. Alisha made me feel comfortable and assured me she knew how to handle my frizzy curls/fro. She explained how she started out braiding hair as a teenager and gained her first salon experience in a Latina hair salon, and THAT put me at ease. She did a great job cutting my curls, perfecting the cut to my face and style, and most important, TAMING MY FRIZZ! I am a happy girl who has regained her curly hair confidence and will definitely be going back!

Reviewed on 09.16.12

Stylist: Coy Allen

I had my haircut by Coy Allen, a specially trained Deva technique stylist, when I was visiting Providence. I was told wash my hair in the morning, let it air dry, and not to use any gel or products. Coy cut my type 2c curls dry. He really took his time making sure to look at each curl to see how it behaved. He taught me how to wash, dry and style my hair so that there is no frizz and the curls are well defined. I have never had a haircut before that I recieved so many compliments on. Everywhere I go, people say how great it looks on me. I have no frizz at all and my curls look gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I don't live in Providence, but am tempted to go back just for another haircut. It is a 3.5 hour drive for me though. There are no Deva trained stylists anywhere near me according to the Deva website. Sloane Bullough Troy, NY

Reviewed on 09.24.11