2751 NC Hwy 55
cary, NC 27519, United States
phone: 919-303-7775



Stylist: Dakota

Dakota is fantastic! I have 2C hair, and she does a great job with it every time. I originally went in the first time not sure if I wanted the good ol' standby cut that I always get or if I wanted something new and fun, something asymmetrical. As soon as I told her my ideas for something new, her eyes lit up. She asked lots of questions about my hair, how I usually style it, etc, and about going for a new style. The more we talked, the more I trusted her and decided to go for it! My hair can fro easily when it's short, but she was able to give me an asymmetrical cut where the short side (which is maybe 1.5-2 inches long) doesn't puff up and the long side (down to my shoulders) curls beautifully and has great shape! I get compliments on my haircut, literally, all the time. I've gone to Dakota ever since and recommend her to anyone who will listen. She's fantastic! And sweet haircuts for $35 are nothing to sneeze at.

Reviewed on: 19.11.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Decent hair cut but way over priced... Could get the same cut at betty and nicks for $5!

Reviewed on: 11.07.11

Stylist: Jamie

The salon is not your typical salon. The salon is very trendy but is decorated like it is still Halloween. Every one that works there is very friendly and polite. However, this is a SERIOUS warning to all my curly/kinky friends. Twisted Scissors does NOT have hair dressers that are knowledgeable of curly hair. They had a curly hair professional but she moved to California. I specifically asked the hair dresser to cut 1 inch. My hair was 2 inches below the shoulder. I was very skeptical when she told me she was going to cut a bit on dry hair. That's a big NO NO but I allowed it, my mistake. After she dry cut, she was checking the shape and then she went to wash my hair and really cut. My hair is now just barely touching my shoulders. She left my top of my hair really long and my bottom really short. It was completely unnecessary! She saw my face how it changed from friendly smiley to shocked and disappointed. She repeatedly said she didn't think she had cut that much and that I had said 1 inch. Yes, ONE inch, not THREE! On top of it she charged $45, a real rip off especially when she knew she had cut too much. Please naturally curly, remove this salon for the time being. I did my research, I asked questions and I was left out with a bad cut. The place might be great, but not for curly hair.

Reviewed on: 12.01.11

Stylist: Dakota

I have type 3b hair and Dakota knew exactly how to handle it. I never could wear my hair down (for fear of my head looking the shape of a bell), but now I wear it down every day. She did not rush me at all and asked me tons of questions about my hair and how I felt about it before she even began the cut. I highly recommend this salon as well as Dakota to anyone with curly/frizzy hair! Not to mention, the prices were great and the free wine/beer when you sit down and relax for a great experience.

Reviewed on: 12.01.10