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Nashville, TN 37215, United States
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Stylist: Nikita Doolen-Clark

First let me say I absolutely adore my hair after seeing Nikita!

Now lets start at the beginning... after finding the salon I called to make an appointment with Laura after seeing all her amazing reviews and she was booked solid until September (called in mid-July). The receptionist suggested Nikita, and I was a little wary because I'd been burned before going with a junior stylist, but she suggested a special appointment just to come in and see the salon, meet with Nikita and talk about my concerns. I was so glad I did that because it really felt like we got on the same page, she knew all about my crazy freak outs and worries with my hair and what I wanted to do. A week later when I came in for my appointment Nikita had pictures and kept telling me how excited she was to work on my hair. All of this made me feel really relaxed and comfortable, she went through each step as she was doing it and gave me an amazing cut. I was so pleased. I didn't walk out wanting to go home and redo my hair, I didn't cry in the car I left feeling fabulous.

I would HIGHLY recommend seeing Nikita she was attentive, thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. You wont regret it :)

Reviewed on: 27.07.14

Stylist: Sussanne

A Davines and Ouidad salon these ladies know good hair. Susanne first cut some bulk from my hair dry then gave me a Ouidad cut. Great shape and she styled it great!

Reviewed on: 30.07.13

Stylist: Laura Pinkas

I visited Shine about a week before I gave birth to my 4th child, so this review is a little late. I visited the salon in June to have my hair cut by Laura. I must agree with the reviews of the salon and Laura. She is definitely a curly girl trapped in a straight hair girl's body. She's a very knowledgeable stylist that is more than happy to talk about your hair and educate you on how to care for it. She introduced me to the DevaCurl styling products. I have been using them for 2 months now and my curls have never looked so good. She gave me an awesome haircut that I love, love, love! Laura is also very nice. Her staff is also very friendly, professional and pleasant. I would recommend any curly girl to make an appointment with Laura, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed on: 29.08.11

Stylist: Laura Pinkas

This is probably the first time I have ever left a salon THRILLED! Normally I feel like stylists don't listen to me when I talk about my hair and generally just don't know what to do with it. Everyone I've gone too before has had the same routine: wash, deep condition, cut, blow dry, straighten and curl. Going to shine was a completely different experience. From her actually listening when I explained how much my hair shrinks when it dries to using non-lathering shampoo and cold air blow dryer. Best of all though she introduced me to AnGEL by DevaCurl by far the BEST hair care product I have EVER used. Before meeting Laura I was always afraid to have short hair - she showed me I can have great curls with out straightening and without them turning into a fro! I couldn't be happier! :)

Reviewed on: 11.07.11

Stylist: Laura Pinkas

Just had my first visit to Shine and it was my best salon experience EVER. I have extremely thick, dry, frizz-prone 3a/3b hair which is almost always in a ponytail or braid. I came in for a simple haircut, but what Laura Pinkas delivered, in addition to an amazing cut, was more or less a two-hour private class on how to care for my hair. Laura's cut and instructions transformed my frizzy braid into a lion's mane of curls, glorious curls. Post-cut and post-visit, I can now do something I've never before done in my adult life-- wear my shoulder-length curly hair without a scrunchie, headband, barrette or "restraining device" of any kind.

Reviewed on: 01.05.11

Stylist: Laura Pinkas

Laura is definitely hands down the best stylist I have ever been to. Ever. She used to work at another salon in town before opening her own (look under Logan Raye salon for additional reviews about her). As another reviewer put it, "She's a curly girl trapped in a straight haired body." Ok here's the best part.....she is a Deva-trained stylist! YES! She gives Deva cuts! That's why all these reviews have been so good. She has never gotten around to advertising it, however, which I immediately told her she should. She trained under Massey in 2003 when the salon first began holding classes. She was one of Massey's first pupils. It definitely shows in her work and her commitment to healthy curls. She does sell Deva products and teaches you how to use them during your appointment, but she isn't pushy about it. It really is all about technique though, which Laura has! I told her I had tried Deva in the past, and they didn't work so well. She was completely understanding and actually talked to me about it. She explained what each product did and why along with the proper way to use them. She was considerate when she found out I was protein sensitive and made sure nothing touched my hair with protein in it. When I told her I was only going to buy the travel kit to test with at home, she was completely cool with it. She knows how finicky curls can be. And she offered to give me additional assistance with any problems I had related to the products or my haircut if I got home, and it wasn't working for me. Plus, she aught me how to use the confounding duck clips for crown height, which I had never been able to get to work for me! Amazing! Finally, I just want to say that on top of all of this other wonderfulness she was able to correct a horrible pixie (yes, pixie) haircut I had previously received with thinning shears in one session! She brought my curls back to life, and I now have the cutest short little curly hairdo ever, which we are going to be working on growing out from this point forward. She gave me back my curls, and she can give you back yours. Before you chop yours off, go see Laura. You won't regret it.

Reviewed on: 26.03.11

Stylist: Laura Pinkas

I've lived in Columbia, SC for only a short time and Laura is the only person I will let touch my hair! She was working at Logan Raye and has recently opened her own shop! She really understands Curlygirls and gives me the best dry cuts ever. She is very knowledgable and also offers Nopoo products. As long as I'm in Columbia, I'm going to Laura!

Reviewed on: 15.08.10