2500 N California
Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Richie Roman


Stylist: Bria

I LOVE Bria!! I recently went back to her for the second time - the first hairdresser I've gone back to - and she gave me the best haircut I've ever had in my life (even better than the first one she gave me, which at that time was the best I'd gotten!). My hair is type 3B, sometimes tending toward 3C, and I've had a lot of trouble finding someone who could give me a good cut. I did some research on Yelp and Bria came highly recommended as someone knowledgeable who really understands curly hair. As a bonus, she's really kind and fun and, as the other reviewer here said, patient and happy to explain whatever she's doing. After my cut she also gave me a really fun, wavy blowout. I also recommended her to a friend of mine who's also had trouble getting a good cut - her hair is fine and wavy - and Bria did a great job, my friend is really happy with her hair.

Reviewed on: 11.04.12

Stylist: Bria

I have been bouncing from salon to salon trying to find someone down to earth who GETS CURLS. Finally, I stumbled upon Mops from a friend's recommendation. The salon is cute, and my stylist was so thorough and patient. She cut my hair wet a little, then diffused it, and finished it dry- and kept me updated on what she was doing the whole time...I've never been happier with a cut. Plus, Mops has Bumble & bumble products which I love! I can't say enough great things about this salon. I'm so relieved to have a hairdresser I can trust.

Reviewed on: 04.01.11