Shear Joy Hair Studio

10902 Boulevard Circle
Suite 2
Owings Mills, MD 21117

User Reviews

Stylist: Joy

I made an appointment for 4:30. I was not seen till 5:30. I told the hair dresser Joy that I had lighter highlights but wanted something a little darker for the winter. My hair is naturally light brown. I wanted a medium brown. I picked out a medium brown color with Joy's assistance. As she put the color in my hair she pulled it repeatedly it. Then she let the color sit and disappeared for about 30 minutes. As she washed the color out she again pulled my hair but also scratched the back of my neck with her nails. I had to ask her to stop several times. After she washed my hair it was clear that she left the color in my hair too long because my hair was now black. After she trimmed my hair, I told her I wanted to leave I had been there 3 hours and now had black hair from brown with blond highlights. Joy convinced me to stay for a blow, to show the color, which I did but it was still black. I did not stay for a complete style. I have never been so upset about a hair cut or color. I would stay as far away as possible from this salon. They have no idea what they are doing. Now I have to wait to fix my hair so it does not get dried out from all the color treatments. The only plus I can say about this salon is that they served wine while I waited for the color to set.

Reviewed on 01.09.12

Stylist: Brandi

It's been almost five months since I got my hair cut at Shear Joy salon and I'm still unhappy with it. Here are the reasons why: 1) The short layers are always poking into my eyes when I wear my hair down. 2) The "shelf" of short layers against longer layers shapes my hair in a funny way. 3) When I try to tie my hair in a ponytail, the short layers escape from the band. 4) The short layers are still too short, even after five months. If I tried to get my long layers cut evenly with the short layers, it would look even more ridiculous than it is now. Whenever I try to get some help from another salon they look at my hair and say "Who in their right mind cuts layers like that?" The reason why my hair has been chopped into so many different lengths is because she straightened my hair and then drastically changed the layers. Every hairdresser I talked to agreed that it was the most unprofessional cut they had ever seen. Don't believe me? See for yourself. The first picture is what my hair looked like before the cut at Shear Joy. The second is what my hair look like after Brandi cut and styled it. The third picture was taken the next day when I washed my hair. Now, I am considering having extensions put into my hair, which is much more expensive than the initial haircut. P.S.: Shear Joy, if you are reading this, please don’t call me again to try to improve the haircut. I’m not interested in your services anymore and I'm free to express my opinion.

Reviewed on 07.12.11

Stylist: Brandi

When I walked into Shear Joy, I wasn’t planning on drastically changing my Shirley Temple bob: I just wanted my split ends trimmed and my curls straightened for one Friday. The hairdresser Brandi said told me that she wanted to cut the layers in my hair her way and I said it was okay as long as she kept them long. Later on, I heard her say to her co-worker “I need to hurry up and get through this appointment” and then she kept asking me if I was late to a college class: it made me anxious that she was rushing through cutting my hair. Finally, when I saw the finished result in the mirror, I knew that I had made a huge mistake: there was beehive volume on the top of my head and the ends of my flat-ironed locks were still curly. When I washed my hair the next day, I could clearly see that my hair was hacked unevenly: there were layers shorter than chin-length in the front, shoulder-length layers in the lower back, and extremely short layers in the upper back. Until this bad cut grows out during the upcoming months, I’ll have to hide my hair in a ponytail that is barely held together by bobby pins.

Reviewed on 03.28.11