2806 Chestnut Hill Dr
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, United States

Stylist: J. Leigh

J. Leigh does a great job with curly hair. She listens to your requests and also offers great tips to style curly hair. The salon is very organized and service is prompt and the courteous.

Reviewed on: 07.10.10

Stylist: J. Leigh

I am so happy I found J. Leigh. I've had curly hair forever. We just moved to NJ last summer. I went to one salon and wasn't happy with my cut or color. But after reading the first review for Salon Santa Fe, I took a chance on going there. J. Leigh did a fabulous job on both my cut and color. Yay!

Reviewed on: 28.01.09

Stylist: J.Leigh Schultz

I have been struggling with my curly hair for a long time and haven't always been happy with the stylist I have chosen. I have been to many different stylists and I really liked the tips J. Leigh gave me about styling my hair and hair products. She gave me a great haircut that I could actually maintain. I would highly recommend her.

Reviewed on: 11.04.07