2318 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
Milwaukee, WI , United States



Stylist: Molly

Couldn't be happier with my Devacut with Molly!!! The whole experience at the salon was exceptional: friendly staff, lovely decor, comfortable setting, great conversations with Molly. Having had a few bad cut experiences with purported "curl-friendly" stylists in the past, I've procrastinated on finding a new stylist. It's been nearly a year since my last cut (!) and I was overdue. 
Molly listened to what I wanted, assessed my hair, asked great questions, and added plenty of her own expertise. She explained a clear plan for what she wanted to do before she ever picked up the scissors. Since it was a dry Devacut, I could watch the cut really take shape as she went. She even explained that she kept my bangs area longer, so she could see how it curled up after washing, and then re-trim it.
After the cut, she took me back for a cleanse (Deva NoPoo), condition, and style. She treated my wavy hair just as I would at home: CG, with gentle scrunching and a microfiber towel. She knew how to apply products to it while wet, and handled my waves with ease.
She then diffuse-dried my hair, and we talked products. With about 6 inches cut off, my now-lighter waves really popped up into curls! She then went back in to re-trim some layers for more volume and movement, and adjust my face-framing layers.
I left with a huge grin on my face. This cut is even better than I'd envisioned. I have totally found my new stylist and salon. Would obviously highly recommend to any wavy or curly.
Fun fact: Every stylist at Freya salon is Deva-trained, and they use and sell CG-friendly Deva products. 

Reviewed on: 25.07.14

Stylist: Katie

After several bad and frustrating hair cuts of late, I was very nervous when I went for my first appointment with Katie. I have wavey hair, and I haven't been able to coax that much curl from my hair in the Wisconsin winter. However, it was a wonderful experience, and I now have an awesome haircut that really works with my curls. Katie listened to what I wanted and asked questions about how hair behaved. I felt like she paid attention to what I had to say and really understood my hair. I also really appreciated that she told me to feel welcome to stop back in if something need to be further trimmed once my hair had finished the usual just-got-cut-curly-hair freakout. I am so glad that I found Katie! I will definitely be going back to her and have recommended her to my curly-haired Milwaukee friends!

Reviewed on: 18.12.10