213 W. Wesley St. nSuite 101
Wheaton, IL 60187, United States

Stylist: Annette

Annette was super nice. She's a level 3 Deva stylist and has been with the Deva system since 2009.

I love the cut. She maintained the length and fixed the shelf I had. The cut was $150, so admittedly that is expensive BUT you'd only need a cut once or twice a year. 

Reviewed on: 08.07.17

Stylist: Dawn

I first read Curly Girl back in 2002 and have used portions of the techniques over the years. I actually first heard of Deva Curl products from my dental hygenist and decided to give them a try in August. From day one I've been impressed with the changes the products were having on my hair. I decided it was time to have a Deva cut. I found Posh Salon and Color Bar on this site and on mydevacurly.com. When I look into it further they described their service "Devacurl Experience" and decided that for my first Deva cut it should be an experience. An Experience it was and a wonderful one! Dawn was my stylist and was very knowledgable about Deva Curl products and techniques. I also had the pleasure of discussing the products and Deva techniques with Annette. I learned a lot and when Dawn was completed my hair...! It is amazing!! I walked out of the salon with hair that people envy. Heck hair that I envy!! Even though it is two hours from my home I will definately continue to use Posh Salon and Color Bar for my Deva maintenance. Curly Girls in the area: You MUST have your own "Devacurl Experience"

Reviewed on: 06.11.12

Stylist: Lisa

Just had my first dry cut ever with Lisa and I loved it! Lisa was great, very personable, enthusiastic, and wanted to make sure I understood the deva curl techniques. The cut was definitely interesting - am used to piles of wet hair being cut, so when I looked down and saw minimal hair on the floor, I was afraid that I wasn't going to see a difference. But then Lisa washed and styled my hair and I could instantly see the difference. My hair now had a shape that was perfect instead of being bulky and lopsided on one side. This was the first time I walked out of a salon with my curls looking great! Finally someone who understands not only how to cut curly hair, but also how to style it. I will definitely be back and recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to learn to love their curls!!!

Reviewed on: 16.06.12

Stylist: Lisa

I was highly impressed with everything and everybody at Posh! Lisa did a wonderful job with my hair and everybody in there was very welcoming. I have never had a dry cut before and I am sorry I waited this long. It is definitely worth the money. I have been told to stay away from hair products with protein, so I never tried DevaCurl. Lisa explained that if used wrong, protein based products would make my hair feel like straw. She taught me the correct way to use it and I have not had a single day of straw hair. I am now hooked on both Posh Salon & DevaCurl. Thank you everybody at Posh for making my visit a great one. I will definitely be coming back!!

Reviewed on: 16.08.11

Stylist: Annette

As a prematurely gray 3A with some tighter curls mixed in, it's been hard to find the right balance of products and even harder to find a stylist who consistently listens, works with my hair as it is, and stays with the Curly Girl method. I looked for a salon in my area and found a couple, and one day just walked into Posh to check it out and see how it felt. Annette was there and graciously agreed to sit down and talk with me about my hair, its history, what I liked about it and what I didn't, and what I wanted to do next. She was attentive and engaged, and together we made a plan for a Deva Experience for a couple of weeks later. I was excited and very nervous at the same time. I was also somewhat taken aback by the request for a $50 deposit that would be applied to my $150 cut, but I needed some shaping and a good trim so badly that I just bit the bullet. I had just spent 8 long months growing out the undesired "bangs" I got from my last haircut. I was also a little apprehensive because Annette is not a curly girl herself, but she did seem very knowledgable about the moods and vicissitudes of a curlie's curls. When the day came, Annette was just as eager as I was to begin, but she took the time to review with me what I wanted and to make some suggestions about conditioning, even giving me what's turned out to be GREAT advice: to put my gel on in the shower, while my hair is sopping wet, and to gently scrunch it afterwards! I had told her the Deva Curl products were too heavy for my hair, but let her try them again, with much better results than I've ever had before. The cut was EXACTLY what I had wanted for a long time, and I left with a big smile and a round of compliments from everyone at the salon. I waited a couple of days before writing this review to get a sense of how my hair would behave once we were on our own, and I've continued to be very pleased with its shape and condition. Curly girls in the western suburbs, save up your pennies and go see Annette at Posh : )

Reviewed on: 21.06.11

Stylist: Lisa

This was my first professional hair cut in a little over a year as both my hair cutter and I moved away in opposite directions. My previous stylist introduced me to a dry cut about 5 years ago and i was very happy with her. However, when she and I moved our separate ways, i was extraordinarily nervous to see anyone else. After doing a lot of homework, making many phone calls, as well as speaking with several stylists, I spoke with Lisa and she immediately put my mind to ease. She understood my apprehensions, concerns, and cuts hair dry. I wish i had found her sooner as my hair definitely needed it. The hair cut was amazing and I would recommend Lisa to anyone with curly hair, especially corkscrew curls.

Reviewed on: 03.05.11

Stylist: Annette

I had my first Devacut today at Posh Salon with Annette and I absolutely love it! My curls are back!! :) At first I was a little concerned about having my hair cut dry, but after talking it over with Annette it makes perfect sense! Curly hair should ONLY be cut dry! Annette was wonderful explaining the steps needed to care for and style my curly hair. She took her time and listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. Although it is not cheap, it is worth every penny- my hair has never looked or felt this good! Plus the expense will balance out over the months, as you do not have to get it cut as often. I love the Devacurl product line too! It smells wonderful and it is made with all natural ingredients. No sulfates or harsh detergents! If you are a curly girl, do not hesitate to go to Posh Salon and get a Devacut! You will not be disappointed! ;)

Reviewed on: 18.02.11

Stylist: Lisa

I have never really had a haircut that I was happy with until I got my first devacut from Lisa. I was really nurvous about spending that amount of money on a haircut that I may not like but I love it and it was worth every penny! I've had a bunch of complements on my hair and I feel so much better about my curls. No one else will ever cut my hair again. I love LISA!

Reviewed on: 14.12.10

Stylist: Annette

Annettee has done a great job managing my curly hair for years. She has now added DevaCurl products and DevaCurl cut which are amazing and have added manageability, softness and a great look for my hair! This is a terrific salon!

Reviewed on: 02.11.10