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San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

heather andrews


Stylist: Lisa Holt

OMG, where do I start?!? Basically, let me just make a long story short and say this was the WORST experience i've had at a salon EVER! This was my first (and only) time going to a salon since i've been natural. I was very selective and did tons of research before settling on Urban Roots because I was so nervous about having someone else work with my hair. I went in to get a color and cut..NEITHER of which I left the salon feeling satisfied with. First the color. I came in with my laptop and at least 5 pictures showing the exact color I wanted my hair to be which was a deep red color in the back and to gradient into a more orange red in the front. What she told me was that she was going to give me highlights in the front of my hair and once she put the dye on then it would do the gradient thing like I wanted. Now I knew that that did not sound right and thats not what I asked for but since I didn't go to beauty school, I figured she knew what she was doing.....WRONG! By the time I left the salon, my hair was PURPLE! And I am not lying! I wish there was a way for me to post pictures of how my hair looked! It was absolutely nothing like how I told her to do my hair. And then the cut was awful as well as the sorry braid-out she did to my hair after! Omg it was terrible all around. And back to the color thing, when she had rinsed the color she could read on my face that I was unsatisfied so she asked me how I felt about it and I said "well honestly this is not what I wanted, I wanted a more orange/red color, not burgandy" and she replied "well normally people don't want that so I assumed that this is the color you meant" WHY AND HOW COULD YOU ASSUME SUCH A THING?!?! I showed you pictures clear as day from my computer! I just....I just cant. So that was my experience and I will never step foot inside that salon again! Oh and she had a stank attitude! I could see if she apologized or tried to fix it or something but she showed no remorse for what she did to my hair. I would NOT recommend her at all!! the other lady in the salon was nice though :] lol

Reviewed on: 18.07.12

Stylist: Lisa Holt

Lisa is amazing! Being a natural girl herself, she totally understood my 4a hair! I'm a transitioner, and she listened to me when I told her I wasn't ready to fully cut off my relaxed ends; yet, she gave me a nice cut as well! I like her because she's well diversed as far as her clients. Black, white, Asian...you name it! She does it all! She's down to earth, she's funny and she's inexpensive! I love my twist out and I love Lisa! I'll definitely be back! If you're looking for a natural stylist, or if you want your hair cut and colored or even flat ironed. Lisa is the way to go!

Reviewed on: 23.10.10