315 Ceasar Chavez St
Austin, TX 78701, United States
Mackenzie Claghorn

Stylist: Kristin

Kristin colored and highlighted my hair last night, and it looks amazing. I wanted something new for spring, and she did a technique that she's created especially for curly girls. She scrunches the highlight bleach in rather than using foils or painting it on. This way, it looks more natural. I really love the effect. I have deep caramel highlights that don't look stripey or piecy. We came up with the term "sun dipped" to describe the technique. She's always so sweet and takes a lot of pride in her work. Thanks Kristin!

Reviewed on: 25.04.12

Stylist: Anonymous

Kristen is great. She's deva trained and is really interested on curls. Great with color! They do INOA.

Reviewed on: 08.07.11

Stylist: Ron King

Ron of bo salon just opened his second shop right next to the Four Season's Hotel. Ron is a genius with curly hair. After grad school I moved to DC and have not found anyone of his caliber outside of Devachan in NY. He is a magician with curly hair. I was fortunate to have a wedding in Austin this fall and I made the appointment to coincide with the wedding schedule. My hair was so sad from others feeble attempts and he brought it back to life. He's worth every penny.

Reviewed on: 13.12.10