534 Queen street West
Toronto,  M5V, Canada



Stylist: Kelly

I walked by the salon on Queen Street many times and loved the vibe and the look but never went in as my salon was the W on Queen west. But one day I needed a bang trim and the W was packed so I decided to give Mosheta a try. I was welcomed by Karley the receptionist who made me feel so welcome and even though I had no appointment she squeezed me in with Kelly a heavily tattooed girl with purple hair. So as you can understand I was a bit nervous. But wow what a job and she didn't charge me a penny so I decided to try a cut a week later. Brought a pic and made sure she could cut curly hair and for 40 bucks got the best cut of my life. Now she owns my head and has done a color and HILITES . You rock Kelly! And guess what I told all my friends and now the world! Thanks for everything you've done for my locks,

Reviewed on: 15.11.12

Stylist: Aimee

I decided to try out Mosheta on Queen St. after reading positive feedback online. However, my experience with this hair salon has ended in a big disappointment. A place that seemed friendly and progressive happened to be unprofessional and ignorant. The hair colour I got was wrong and the cut was shapeless and uneven. However, nobody cared! They didn't return my calls and the receptionist never let me talk to the hairstylist. I think she is a bit confused whether she works in customer service or in CIA protecting secret agents... I regret leaving a bit tip. Don't waste your time; there are plenty of better places in Toronto!

Reviewed on: 23.06.12

Stylist: Jourdan

For years my stylist took care of my heavy curls. When she went on maternity leave I was pretty freaked out about what I was gonna do. I had to go to Montreal for work and ended up at a small salon downtown and I got my hair done by a wonderful woman named Gloria who recommended me a senior stylist in Toronto whom she had worked with in Montreal. She did well with my hair but I wasn't going to Montreal often! When I got back I had a friend go see the guy she recommended and he did a fabulous job on her hair. He used some different techniques then she had not seen and after looking at it I was in awe. I went and saw him recently and I can attest he did a marvelous thing to my hair also. My curls are healthier and more bouncy then they've been in some time! I gotta be able to put my hair back for work and he kept it long enough so that I still can. No thinning scissors either..what a relief and he listened..really listened to what I was wanting!! I plan on getting my hair cut on a regular basis now. Highly recommend this place

Reviewed on: 13.01.11