115W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23220, United States

Stylist: Stefanie Rae

I have been natural for 9 years as of February 2016 and I just got my first curly cut this March 2016. I am African American with 3c curls with a small section 3b waves in the front. I usually get my trims done on blown out hair and thought to myself it was time for a change. I took the leap of faith and chose Parlor Salon to receive my first curly cut and Stefanie was amazing. She made me feel comfortable due to I was nervous, listened to and answered all my questions, gave me great step by step written instructions on how to care for my hair at home, what we need to do to reach my hair goals, and discussed what products were used and the benefits and how they work on my hair. We also talked about the products I use at home and since I have so much, she told me to work with the products I already have and when they were gone she wrote down the products we used in the salon (which were amazing (DevaCurl Decadence Line)) if I so chose I could purchase them when the time came (In which I most likely will be). That is a bonus for me. She didn't push me to purchase more products until I am ready to. She really cares about her clients and their hairs well being. So if you have wavy kinky curly hair and live and are looking for a salon in Richmond, VA, Call Parlor Salon and ask for Stefanie.

Reviewed on: 04.04.16

Stylist: Chris Keller

This is a little belated, but last year Chris gave me the best curly hair cut i have ever had in my life. He looked at pictures and studied them intently, snipping deliberately to make sure I achieved the shape I wanted and was able to keep my length. He listened very carefully and asked me a lot of questions about what exactly i envisioned for the hair around my face and how to blend it in the back, rather than just telling me what he thought I should do (like most stylists) Although he is the owner of the salon he is EXTREMELY humble and down to earth, and is always trying to hype up the junior stylists. He's a certified Deva 'master' or whatever they call it, but he's willing to tweak things as you wish. He really just wants to make sure you are happy. Anyway, much love to Chris Keller, I can't wait until I go back to DC so you can fix up my hair! 

Reviewed on: 26.04.15

Stylist: Nicole

She takes her time, knows how to cut, unwash and condition. She's been doing curly hair for years, and can also do an awesome blowout if you want to change it up too. She has been a stylist for YEARS - has done work for high profile clients as well as locals. It's hard to work with South Asian curly hair, and she makes it look so easy.

Reviewed on: 05.01.11