4586 State Hwy 121, Ste 102
Plano, TX 75024, United States

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Stylist: Umika

This is unfortunately probably the worst haircut I've ever had. I have just recently decided to go natural- I was really hoping to get a Ouidad cut, but it was just simply completely out of my budget, so I picked this salon since it got good reviews. However, this was not the stylist that was reviewed on this site. I explained that I was trying to go natural with my hair and using no sulfates/silicones, no straightening/curling irons, etc. She seemed to have no idea how to cut wavy/curly hair (her own hair was relaxed). She cut it wet (the first sign of bad things to come), after running her fingers through my curls and messing them all up. She then cut straight across the bottom and did the same thing with my layers. After she finished the cut, she proceeded to aimlessly point a blow dryer all over my head without a diffuser, which made my hair poof and frizz. Then she straightened (after I directly told her I don't want to use straighteners!!!) and used it to put artificial curls in my hair. Meanwhile I could hear it audibly frying my poor, damaged ends that were still slightly damp. Once she finished this, she brushed the curls (who does that?) until I looked like a poodle after a convertible ride. I wish I had been assertive enough to just leave. All in all, if you're a curly, stay clear of this place. They have no idea how to style curly hair, and it's not worth your money at all.

Reviewed on: 20.04.11

Stylist: Marista

I love her. When I leave her Studio, I not only look great but she equips me with valuable advise on taking and preserving my hair. She is very knowledgable about the products. The atmosphere is high-end but their prices are the cheapest around. I've found a place at last!

Reviewed on: 13.01.11