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Stylist: Sharin

I always wanted a Deva cut and I also figured I needed another stylist to go to if my regular one (who does the best wet cut I have had, but I am still not in LOVE with my hair) somehow was no longer in business. Now on to the hair! I have a 2c/3a (my hair hasn't decided yet) hair.Sharin started off with a chat about what products I had been using and explaining why curls/waves need a Deva cut to look their best. She did some snips here and there all the while explaining various aspects of hair care. She washed, gelled, and set me under an infrared dryer. Afterwards my hair looked basically the same as when I walked in, just shorter. I thought from there she was going to cut it or style it more. Nope. That was the end! She stated that, as with all cuts she does, if I don't like it in 1-2 weeks I could return and she would provide me with a basic wet cut. After I wore it for a little while I went home and cleansed. I see definition in my waves/curls. I get more lift. I will be going back to continue to receive cuts to get rid of my layers so I can get rid of a lot of my frizz. Now I feel bad that she thinks I hated my cut! So, moral of the story is go get your hair cut by Sharin...its a win-win!

Reviewed on: 04.04.12

Stylist: Sharin

I wish I would have found Sharin and Salon Ivy a LONG time ago! I am so excited about the attention I received today! Sharin was careful to understand exactly what I wanted and did just that. She gave me the Deva cut that I needed! She is wonderful with curly clients! I recommend her for cuts, color and brow wax! I feel like I had a makeover! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Reviewed on: 10.03.12

Stylist: Sharin

Hands down, the best haircut I have ever received. Sharin knows how to do it right. The cut she gave me for my curls is perfect. The salon is very professional and the atmosphere warm and inviting. I recommend Salon Ivy to every curly girl in the anchorage area!

Reviewed on: 02.03.12

Stylist: Sharin

First I would like to thank the previous reviewers of this salon. The information and feedback really helped me select a salon to go to. I have been pretty lucky to find good stylists over the years. The problem is that they are so good that they move on to greener pastures. My last stylist moved to LA to do runway work. This the search for someone new. To add a new dynamic my hair has become more curly as I get older and I am ready to embrace and style my hair using this curl. I called Salon Ivy on a Monday and they were closed. I left a message and returned a call promptly the next day. After reading these reviews I asked for Sharin or Brian but mentioned I needed eyebrow waxing as well and they placed me with Sharin. I had to wait a week (but in my opinion that is a good sign). I have never experienced a hair cut like this before. Sharin gave me a Deva Curl Cut and style that began with a discussion of my expectations. She lightly listed my hair with Mr. Right to activate my natural curl (it was rather wind blown). Snipped at the very ends that had been texturized previously and streamlined my shape. She didnt do much but explained that as I get length she will continue to shape it to compliment my features. She then instructed me on the use of the Deva Curl line. Explained how to style my hair as she did it and explained why it is so important to stick with one line. I left with sleek sexy curls and shape. I promptly made an appointment for 5 weeks as instructed! This salon is worth it. I did not find the cost to high. I felt appreciated and taken care of. It was a busy day at the salon and Brian apologized for the commotion. I thought that was very nice and really didn't feel it was necessary as I like to see the hustle and bustle. Sharin also did my brows and they look fabulous. The best part of the whole experience is that when I styled my hair the next day, it looked great!

Reviewed on: 04.11.11

Stylist: Sharin

After glowing reviews of the salon from my best friend and then reading these reviews on NC, I decided to book an appointment at Ivy. When I called and mentioned my frizzy curls, Brian booked me with Sharin. I'm 32 years old and have never had my hair cut specifically for the curls. Since it straightens so easily and I've never had any instruction on taking care of its natural state, I've always straightened my hair and had cuts based on that form. Therefore, when I walked into the (adorable!) salon with hair to the bottom of my shoulder blades that hadn't even been trimmed in 2 years, neither Sharin nor I knew how much my hair might curl up by the time we were finished. I also didn't have a definite goal with this hair cut other than finding my curls, just ideas. She was reluctant to take too much off, so she asked that I let her cut to a length she was comfortable with, try it out for a week, and come back in a week for a free cut if I wasn't happy with the results. I think that was an excellent deal. After a curl-by-curl dry cut, a purifying and cleansing, and a few minutes under the infrared dryer, I have shoulder length 3a "boticelli" (according to Devacurl) curls. Sharin spent time talking to me about caring for my hair and stressing that she wanted me to be happy. She gave me her cell number and instructions to call her next week to let me know how I'm feeling about the cut... and she even gave me a hug. So far, I'm very happy with what I see. I've always wanted the Shakira/Debra Messing smooth curls and it turns out they were always right there, hiding on my head! I give Salon Ivy and all of the employees I encountered a solid 5, from the owner to the receptionist. Girls with curly hair... you HAVE to try this place out. I doubt you could beat either the knowledge or the atmosphere.

Reviewed on: 30.09.11

Stylist: Sharin

Oh, wow. Easily the best haircut I've ever had. I have fine, porous hair; always thought it was straight and so never knew how to take care of it. Went no poo (occasional baking soda/acv rinses) 3 mons. ago and found waves and this website. Sharin cut my hair dry, cowashed 3 (so much buildup!) times, gelled, clipped, then stuck me under an infrared dryer on low heat and cut it again. My hair has NEVER looked this curly and shiny. I really hope I can maintain it. Definitely going back.

Reviewed on: 18.09.11

Stylist: Brian Ivy

I'm usually really nervous before I get my haircut. This is because I have had every worst haircut in the book! I went to Brian after I read the review on naturally curly and was amazed at the haircut I walked away with. Brian knew right when I walked in that I was using the wrong products on my hair and that the cut I had wasn't working for my hair type. He explained to me why it wasn't working and talked me through the entire haircutting process. He cut my hair curl by curl and dry (something I've NEVER had done before). What he did to the shape of my hair is AMAZING. My hair has never looked this healthy. I never knew my hair was this curly! It looks great and I am so thrilled with the end result! Thank you Brian! You have made me love my curls when before I felt burdened by them. Best haircut ever!

Reviewed on: 13.08.11

Stylist: Sharin

I had the best haircut of my life two days ago at Salon Ivy. I have been cutting my own hair for years and started using DevaCurl about a year ago. I am glad to have curly hair, and was terrified to go to a stylist who would blowfry and kill my hair. Sharin was wonderful! I came in with my hair stil a little damp underneath and she didn't touch it with anything harsh. She pinned up the top levels and cut my hair culr by curl, just like I had been doing, only she could see it all. The curls that hadn't been doing anything sprang up and I left feeling happy, not like I got chopped. Sharin said that stylists don't get paid by the pound, and they don't! She is also DevaCurl certified and believes that the only way a stylist can be good at what they do is to take classes and never stop learning. Salon Ivy also carries DevaCurl and uses them at your appointment. It was a $35.00 haircut, very affordable and completely worth it. I reccomend curly girls in Alaska go to Salon Ivy.

Reviewed on: 20.06.11