2130 Vickers Drive Suite #124
Colorado Springs, CO 80905, United States
erica olszak

Stylist: Debbie Spencer

Debbie is the best! She has an incredible knowledge of all hair types and she has many clients with natural hair. She has an amazing grasp of hair biochemistry and she uses that knowledge to give her clients the best hair they can have. She works with people who have hair ddamage from medications or other hair loss issues. She can do extentions, she can relax, curl, whatever! She learns a person's hair first and she asks the client what they want their hair to be. Then the two of you work together to achieve your goals. She's always honest and she never, ever charges more than what's right for her services. She's trustowrthy and she can cut hair like nobody's business! She does locs, braids, relaxers, anything you need and I have trusted her with my hair for years. She has gotten me to take chances on my hair that I would never have done before and I never regretted it. I have natural hair now and I would trust her with every strand!

Reviewed on: 26.05.11