Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, FL , United States
Alicia Morrow

Stylist: Larramy Wood

Hey curlies, 

I see that some negative reviews have been removed on some site for the stylist. And I am not here to sugar coat anything regarding my experience in the past with this stylist and I am still paying the price of this bad hair cut to this date since hair grows and I make the adjustment very slowly as my goal as always been and was stated that I am growing out my hair. 

Not sure why a few reviews on this page seems to have people floating on cloud 9. I will write you exactly my honest review of my worse haircut in August 2014 from Laramy Wood in Fort Lauderdale. 

I made an appointment with Larramy Wood in East Fort Lauderdale to shape my hair as I have been growing it out since my big shop for over a year (Jan 2013).
Hmmmm.. I don't want to be negative but I wish I would upload a before and after picture for you to see what he did to my healthy hair that I am growing out.
I had beautiful shiny bouncy healthy hair that were not yet touching my shoulders on its shrunken state but it was getting there surely.
My products contains: No silicones no parabens or sulfate at all as I have been following the CG method.
At my appointment Larramy complimented my hair and he even remembered that I am growing my hair out per our conversation two days ago. He said that I only needed a little shaping. (But now I feel that after hearing his gasping and statement of how beautiful and virgin my hair was.. I should have left, cancelled the appointment and leave my hair untouched).
He started cutting my hair dry but .. Hello... He was partying with the scissors (like Edward Scissorhand clipping away hair) and based on the angle I was given on the chair and told not to move, I wasn't sure what was happening exactly. He then washed my hair, added the One conditioner Deva product in my hair and started using his fingers to get the conditioner in my strands to curl up .. Hmmm ok well, the straw curls look is a bit flat for me and not how I usually wear my hair nor how I will ever (why have bouncy curls to kill it with a conditioner that leaves it stiff and flat. 

So to my shock he started adding more product to the flat look and was "raking" through my hair.. that is way to aggressive for curls and coils that obviously gets ripped in that process. 

So before I knew it he was cutting some more curls after he dried them. Hmmm (if I only knew what I know now! It makes me grind my teeth just thinking of this).
The thing with my hair is that I wear it curly all the time but I stretch it a little bit as days pass by and it always looked gorgeous, big and fluffy. So when Larramy proceeded to cut more of the curls on the slick straw look after drying it, (still shrunken hair) he took out way too much of my hair in total.
He even stated afterward: I think I cut too much and added that he wasn't going to cut that much. (Hello, Edward Scissor Hands)
The look was ok but just not for me to wear all day.
Mind you, only when I got home and played with my hair to fluff that I realized OMG the complete disaster!! Uneven here..shorter strand there .. Next to it a very long one!!
One of my questions before that appointment was: will the hair look even if I ever straighten it out? His answer was yes. (Though I never put heat in my hair.. I can see the unevenness).
Ridiculous!!! This is now a huge set back for me in my growth journey!!

So here is my advice to some of you:
If you take good care of your hair yourself, it is healthy and you usually do your own trims as I did.. (and it looks pretty good and even) think twice about going to get a "Deva cut" with someone just because of some reviews. Would be great if you could go see that stylist at work first, but the way his office / salon was set up in that building. You set the appointment and you go to the small space he rents in that building and you cannot passively sit to watch without being noticed. It is an awfully small area for one client or two. 

You should discuss all the pros and cons with your stylist and that person has your best interest at heart (meaning your hair goals).
Remember, no one knows your hair better then yourself. You transitioned with it you grew it out with love, patience, time and understanding. Therefore this is a cherished relationship. Protect it!
As far as I am concerned, with much restrain I would probably advised someone who wants to do the big chop to visit the stylist and have a cut that may be stylish so that the hair can grown in style hopefully.

I am more confident after that and I am a DIY. I don't think I can entrust my hair to a stylist to even clip my ends, cut my hair or anything of that sort. After all, many of them thrive to just cut hair so why trust that they will have a measure or a limit?! Many of them are too aggressive with the strands.

Now if you have damage hair by heat and color and need a cut by a professional, please ask the people you entrust that have nice curly hair to see if you can openly discuss your goals with that professional. 

On a positive note: Hopefully my hair will grow out nicely and shapely as I will have to even it out as time passes.

This was my experience and I wanted to share it with all of you.
I was so embarrassed in the end to even say that I hated it. I felt terrible that I actually lost most of my hair in one session. The look was terrible and I did not even know how to say that it did not deserve the rate of $90.00 for losing my hair. 
$90.00 for frustration.

We are too kind and too nice at times toward those that we entrusted with our precious hair.

UPDATE: It is now May 2016 and I am still paying the price of this bad haircut. It is layered but the first time I had to make a correction I would have to cut way too much to fix it, I waited August 2015 to fix it (1 whole year). Right side was cut three inches longer than left side so you can only imagine how I had to go in to fix this mess, since originally I did NOT have layers and NEVER WANTED LAYERS. 

Of course it grew longer now but there is so much less fullness effect like it had originally because the layers aired it out (I never asked for these drastic layers). 

I don't know or don't care if this stylist was hungry during my appointment, he set the time. l will still advise anyone to be careful with making a decision regarding their hair depending on where they are with it, and what their goal is. 

And right now, no one will get a penny from me when dissatisfied with services. 

Reviewed on: 18.05.16

Stylist: Larramy Wood

Its been 1 week since my visit to Larramy. My first salon visit since I chopped my hair going chemical free for 2 yrs now. I was hesitant to have someone else s hands in my hair but knew I needed to be styled. My hair needed a shape and Larramy was in my city and had a few reviews all positive so I decided new year new do.  Larramy was amazing.  He's good a great personality, felt like we were long lost friends.  He is truly talented and knows kinks and kurls inside out.  I presented myself with 2 day hair , curls well defined. Larramy wanted my hair in a typical wash and go how I'd normally wear my hair, its important to not have your hair in any stretched out state.  Larramy did a brief once over feeling my hair and familiarizing himself with its eb and flow. He proceeded to to dry cut my hair curl by curl to achieve the shape I desired. Sitting and Standing to see how my curls laId and fell and moved. He then washed with Deva no poo, conditioned with Deva One, rinsed that only 80% out , used the deva gel if I recall this all right..  I sat under the dryer briefly till 90%.dry, with a dab of cocnut oil he fluffed out my curls and I was thrilled with my results.  I didnt love the feel of the deva products initially but I didnt rush home and wash out. Only thing i did was use a teeny bit of shea butter to scrunch out the 'feeling' in my hair.  Perfection..  My curls stayed defined and moisturized for the entire week. On day 6 I did my hair, curls are full of life , I'm a very very happy curly girl!!!

Reviewed on: 17.01.15

Stylist: Larramy Wood

I searched high and low, near and far, for a stylist in the Miami/FLL area who would be able to cut my hair into a style I didn't hate. Stylists have typically chopped my hair box style, leaving me sad and full of despair afterwards. Alas, after a few years of no cutting, I decided to give it another try...and I found Larramy. 

Larramy was awesome. He has an awesome personality and to top it off my hair looks fantastic. He takes his time and cuts curl by curl in the devachan method, and he's a real perfectionist. He also schooled me on the proper way to handle my hair and I noticed how different my curls looked. Larramy is a wonderful stylist and I'm happy to have found him!

Reviewed on: 14.12.14

Stylist: Larramy Wood

Larramy Wood knows curls of all type. I looked long and hard to find someone with Larramy's expertise and I am so relieved to find him. My hair is not dramatically curly but it has a lot of attitude. Larramy was able to fix the cut and to advise me how to bring out the best in the curls. I am so happy with the results and have even brought my son in for a haircut. Larramy also does great color; tailoring the color to my skin tone, eyes and giving me a more modern look.

Reviewed on: 12.05.14

Stylist: Larramy Wood

Reviewed on: 09.05.14

Stylist: Larramy Wood

I was so happy to read reviews about Larramy and be given his mobile number. He is now just off of East Sunrise Blvd (NE 19) in the same building as the Gateway Theater. He took so much time to teach my almost 14-year old daughter how to take care of her curly hair. Her hair was almost to her waist and we were cutting it to get ready for high school and to send the hair to Locks of Love. Now she can take care of it and learn to love her curls. For all these years, it has been in a pony or in a braid. He taught her how to use the product and how to keep her curls hydrated. It looks fabulous. He is truly wonderful. Get the book, Curly Girl - the Handbook! Larramy learned from the author of the handbook. I, also, have curly hair and learned a lot from both the book and from Larramy. He is the best!

Reviewed on: 15.07.12