1180 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310, United States
Mareena Hunter

Stylist: Charisma

I have never been so disappointed in getting my hair done than what I experienced at this salon. The stylist was very pleasant but took way too long too style. She seemed a little incompetent because she asked 2 other stylist in the salon at the time what she should do about the crown of my head (where my curl pattern is not as defined). Of course, they all told her the same thing of which I could have told her myself. Secondly, they advertise that consultations are free. They are not. I ended up paying $100 for service and it was a style that I normally do at home myself (the stylist insisted on me getting this style). My hair took forever to dry because she placed me under a broke dryer. The stylist ended up leaving before my hair was done and did not style my hair, go figure. Another stylist there ended up taking the rollers out and I told her that I would style my own here since I was already late for somewhere I had to be. My appointment was at 900am and I didn't leave until after 400pm. The owner's brother called me back to see how the style was holding up two weeks later. By this time, I received a sew in from a friend. I told him that I was very unhappy and would not return. This was my first experience in a salon specializing in natural hair. Since then, and before, I have done my own hair. I have lost my confidence in natural hair salons. However, her products works amazing on my hair. I will continue to support Black Earth products, but I will not be returning to the salon. Do not let my biases be yours.

Reviewed on: 30.12.10