554 Ferry St SE
Salem, OR , United States

Jessica-Leigh Arends


Stylist: Sara Marie Brown

Rachel is no longer there, so Sara was suggested. My first visit was fine, but I felt like she was really pushing Brazilian Blowout treatment. I simply got a trim and color and overall was happy. My second visit, I decided to go from long to short. Sara did not account for shrinkage and my hair was 3 inches shorter than I wanted and the shape was not flattering for curls. My hair was ironed at the visit, so it took a few days to realize the concerns. Again, I felt she was pushing a straightening process--Brazilian Blowout. My third visit, I told her that I did not like the shape and she trimmed it, but it is still an akward shape. I spent all of 20 minutes in her chair(and 1 hour 45 min in the salon) and she charged $60 for the cut and $90 for color that her "associates" did. I'm sure she is fine for some hair, but I will not be returning and will continue the ongoing search for a curl expert in Salem, OR. :(

Reviewed on: 02.04.13

Stylist: Sara Marie Brown

I've been to many stylists over the years and Sara Marie and her salon are excellent. She's been doing hair for over 15 years. Her knowledge shows the minute you sit down in her chair. She gave me an amazing cut, suggested some great product to help me achieve the look I wanted on my own, and gave me pointers on styling it as well. She informed me on several straightening smoothing and straightening treatments that won't damage my hair like treatments I've attempted in the past. They have a full salon and spa too! Manicures, Facials, Massages, Lash Extensions, and more! Salon554 is a salon I'd highly recommend!

Reviewed on: 28.11.12

Stylist: Rachel Marie Crofoot

I am very pleased with the cut and color that Rachel gave me. I have been driving to Portland for my hair appointments until finally finding a Salem stylist who understands curly hair - her own hair is curly also.

Reviewed on: 28.06.11