2700 Immakolee Road
Naples, FL 34110, United States

Kristina Macriake


Stylist: Anna DeLuca

I have been asked by every curly girl sister I meet in my part of southwest FL where I get my haircut and compliments, and I consider this to be the greatest recognition for a talented stylist. With that said, I have been searching for a curly hair specialist in the Naples area after receiving a Ouidad haircut and style in New York City a few years back, so it was like finding the jackpot when Anna gave me a sensational haircut for my 3B hair that turned my big frizzy head of curls into manageable and beautiful spirals. I was also impressed how she knew the perfect length (just below my shoulders) for me to wear and also framed my face to my satisfaction. Anna is also attentive in her consultation and extremely personable. Best of all, my haircut does not require the frequency and expense to keep the once messy, frizzy curls in check, so I save money over a years time!

Reviewed on: 16.05.13