10385 Commerce Drive
Carmel, IN 46032, United States

Stylist: Shellie Cahmi

Shellie has been my stylist for about four years now. I had been looking for a stylist that knew what I wanted when it came to my hair. My hair had alwlays been wavy, and even pretty easy to straighten if I wanted to. We had gotten it to a shoulder length bob, and then I was diagnosed with cancer. With my chemotherapy, my hair became very thin, but as it grew back in, it became really curly. She listens to what her clients have to say, and will work with them to accomplish the look that they want. I was no exception. She has worked with my hair to help my curls look shiny and healthy. She always greets you with a smile even if her day is not going so well. She listens to you , and you will be happy when you leave.

Reviewed on: 24.01.11