1910 Alden RdnOrlando FL
Orlando, FL 32803, United States

Stylist: Anonymous


Reviewed on: 11.04.14

Stylist: Bekka Vania

Reviewed on: 24.08.13

Stylist: Jamey

I went to see Jamey at Halo Salon after my cousin recommended him to me. He greeted me as soon as I arrived, and I didn't have to wait at all. He took the time to understand my hair and listen to my concerns. He gave me a wonderful haircut that works with my face and curl type. He took extra time to explain to me how I can style my hair and keep it looking nice on days when I don't wash it. I felt zero pressure to buy any products, and I did take home some excellent ones. I also met the owner Ryan who was very nice. If you have curly hair, Jamey is an excellent stylist! I'm so happy that I have found someone who I can trust with my crazy hair! :)

Reviewed on: 07.02.13

Stylist: Bekka Vania

Hey, Bekka is Ouidad certified, too! This salon is so nice, so friendly, and the hair skills are top notch. Bekka does great color and fantastic cuts. Curlies, we are lucky to have TWO Ouidad certified stylists in Orlando, so please take advantage. They are both great!

Reviewed on: 20.12.12

Stylist: Ryan Delarosa

I have been getting a Ouidad Carve and Slice haircut since 1991, and have been educating myself on curly hair and what works and what doesn't for over 30 years. I've advised stylist on how to cut my hair and showed them how to apply product and what type of product to use. Face it our hair especially our curls are our signature. Before I made the awful mistake of going to Ciesueix I was traveling from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale (3 1/2 hours one way) for a Ouidad haircut. It took alot for me to change. Ciesueix (Arlene) gave me a non existant Ouidad cut it was one of the worst cuts I have ever had. I went to Ryan at Halo...Ryan gave me the best Ouidad haircut I have ever had, yes better then my stylist from Ft Lauderdale. Not only is Ryan AWESOME, the salon is friendly and very comfortable. I once again the curls and style I consider my trademark!!!!

Reviewed on: 14.01.12

Stylist: Ryan Delarosa

Ryan has recently opened his own salon in the College Park area. For many years, I have trusted him to take good care of my 3B curls and his recommendations are always spot on. He has blown it straight, applied Rusk Anti curl, colored, applied Keratin and provided perfect cuts. But deep down inside, I do LOVE my curly hair and have always preferred the bouncy, healthy look of natural curls. He recently became Ouidad certified and recommended that I try this curly hair cutting technique. Once again, he was on the mark! My curl formation is better than ever. You can find the salon on FB or message me if you have questions.

Reviewed on: 17.09.11

Stylist: Ryan Delarosa

My hair had finally grown to its original length before I had cut it into a bob two years ago. However, My ends were horrible and my hair was tearing out and extremely dry. I got a quick home trim but My hair still looked and felt horrible. I researched on Ouidad certified salons in Florida since I had one back home up north and saw the ravings about Ryan. I knew immediately that I had to get him to cut my hair and even it out. I called and got an appointment right away. They even let me come in earlier than I was suppose to. Ryan and his staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. I felt like i had stepped into an oasis, totally different from the somewhat stressful vibe I get from most salons. I asked Ryan what I can do about the state of my hair and to cut my hair in a specific manner. He not only answered all my questions and cut my hair the way I wanted it to be but he even gave me pointers on how to tame my hair and how I can benefit from the techniques and products he recommended. I left feeling like a burden was lifted off my shoulders, literally! I will be definitely be back. It was worth it!

Reviewed on: 15.09.11