6100 K Avenue
Plano, TX 75074, United States

Stylist: Siri

I've been hanging onto Siri's business card for a year. I would frequently stop women and ask them who did their hair and to my surprise I would always hear Siri's name. I decided to give her a call and schedule an appointment. She was unable to get to the phone but I sent her an email. She replied and got back to me the next day. Couple weeks later I arrived for my appointment. She is edgy, funky, and real creative. I love her space and I loved the way she did my hair. She uses professional products including Design Essentials. I didn't realize how amazing their products are. She is direct and honest (which I needed) and cares a lot about your hair. I never had a stylist ask me about my hair goals, lifestyle, and probe into my hair's future...she had a plan. She is also versatile. She showed me images of styles ranging from beautiful weaves (I had no clue) to color, and thermal relaxing. She is worth and penny. I will be back. It is so hard to find stylist like her. May God bless her future!

Reviewed on: 18.11.12