Jade by Alex

319 3rd. Ave.
Chula Vista
San Diego, CA 91910

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Stylist: Alex Calderon

Since I sent an email shortly after I left the last review for Alex, I figured this is the only way for you to see what I am requesting. I did not put any **** in my review and would like them removed. I would like to have my review reflect how I wrot it; not how someone thought it should be. Please correct this!! I am not happy with the way this reads. It sounds nasty! Thank you! M~

Reviewed on 07.30.18

Stylist: Alex Calderon

I saw Alex today and I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the cut that I received!! I am fairly new at wearing my hair wavy/curly, I usually just blew it out. But since I let my color go natural, I liked the idea of having my hair do it's own thing as well. I had never had a real wavy/curly cut before...........UNTIL NOW! Alex is a Master at his craft!! You can just tell the way he handles his scissors (check out this tool belt with all the different scissors he has) that he backs that scissor reeling with years of experience. When I mentioned it to him about that, he told me that he has been cutting hair for 40 years! He was trained in Europe, actually Paris and Tokyo! Getting my hair cut with Alex was amazing, much like a show, watching how he handled the scissors and razor with such style. ALEX DEFINITELY KNOWS HOW TO CUT WAVY/CURLY HAIR!!! He took just enough off my hair to give my curls and waves the bounce that the really needed. In regards to the price, he is extremely reasonable and I have checked around other curly hair salons. Alex's La Dolce Vita has old world charm with the furnishings. He even has some lovely handbags and great sunglasses like a stylish boutique. I'm so happy that I found Alex in downtown Chula Vista! Who would have thought?! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alex for a job well done!!!

Reviewed on 07.11.18

Stylist: Alex Marcos Calderon

In all my years of living in the South Bay area this is the only stylist i've come across who can properly cut and style curly hair. Most stylist in this area are use to straight or chemically altered hair so when it come to dealing with curly hair they do a half-hearted job (in my experience). Alex doesn't only know how to cut naturally curly hair but he also has extensive knowledge on the proper care and the types of products that should be used by people with curly hair. Ever since he started cutting my hair i've noticed that it started growing in more healthy and beautifully (which means a lot to me because i've had a lot of damage due to relaxers, REALLY bad highlights, and crappy haircuts), it's actually because i started noticing these changes in my hair that i decided to go natural. The salon itself itself is very modern and welcoming, so chic! AND! it's located in one of the most glamorous streets in the South Bay - 3rd Avenue. The salon has soooo many products to choose from, a variety of makeup and nail polish, and best of all sooo MANY cute accessories! I've been going to Jade by Alex for four years now and i highly recommend it! it's a bit pricey but WELL WORTH IT! trust me! And in my experience my hair grows in very neatly, I will never ever let another stylist cut my hair! So if you're in the South Bay Area and need a haircut (no matter how damaged your hair is, and trust me my hair WAS DAMAGED!), you should try this salon out, you'll love it! i guarantee it!

Reviewed on 05.22.11