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St. Petersburg, FL 33707

User Reviews

Stylist: Chad

I have gone to more than a few stylists in St. Pete and Orlando areas looking for a stylist who knows how to cut my curls. And none have been worth returning to more than twice. Now I've found someone who knows what he's doing. Chad took the time to really look at what was going on with my hair and the previous cuts first when it was dry and then again when it was wet. He had a plan to make it look better right then and even a long term plan when some of the not-so-great cuts grow out. I went to his new St. Pete salon and the people were all super friendly. (He also has another salon in S. Tampa that supposedly is pretty kickin') I can't wait to go back and highly recommend Chad or anyone else at his salon.

Reviewed on 10.11.07

Stylist: Phil

ARRRGH! All my reports keep disappearing!!! Knows how to listen; doesn't try to be a know it all which results in a nightmare (ahem, Michelle at Bentley), reasonably priced, gentle, funny, takes his time and thinks about what he is doing before he does it, salon uses Bumble and Bumble...great atmosphere! Please St. Pete--support this salon. I am not trying to be a snob, but I moved here from portland, OR where things were a bit more advanced and while some salons try to talk the talk (Bentley) few are walking the walk. Salon Jack can keep up with the big leagues, in my opinion. Phil made me feel pretty and together again!!!!

Reviewed on 05.21.07

Stylist: Chad

Went into Salon Jack on a Saturday morning for a first time visit. Sat down for my consultation and Chad quickly picked up what was saying and even had ideas to make my ideas better. The end result was a perfect hair cut. It's simple and easy to deal with. I've already pre booked my next appointment. Chad will always be my first choice for my curly hair needs.

Reviewed on 03.13.07

Stylist: Samii

I have long naturally curly hair and every cut I had just made it look stringy if I kept it long (which I prefer) or they would cut too short and I would look like a poodle. I finally found someone AMAZING with my curly hair. Samii at Aquai Salon in St. Petersburg, FL is the best. I kept the length but now have style and fullness to my curls that I never thought I could get. I won't go anywhere else EVER now that I've found him!!

Reviewed on 11.24.06