101 Annapolis St
Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

Stylist: No longer there! :( General salon review.

I hate having to give bad reviews, especially when it's really out of the stylist's control. See, when I first saw Mark, he was at Georgia Alan Salon in Arnold, MD. He was FANTASTIC, as was the salon and the rest of the crew (many of you may recognize Patrik's name). I got a beautiful cut inspired by a pic I found online and great advice on how to care for my hair, and I walked out of there feeling strong and confident in my new-to-me curls. The second time I went to visit him, I learned that Patrik and Georgia Alan merged with this salon, Morgan Gerard. I had never been there before, but I wanted to see Mark again, so I trekked on over. Again, Mark did a beautiful job... but I saw a different demeanor in him. This salon is gigantic, much bigger than the four-person salon I had first gone to and fell in love with. Poor Mark appeared rushed and flustered, obviously not a product of what he was doing (as I saw him do amazing work before and take the time to really get to know his guests!) but because of the environment. It was completely different, and as a result, I left there happy with my hair but sad with the experience and just... depressed for Mark. I called recently to get another appointment set up -- it's been about 8-10 months since I last got my hair cut, and I really want to go short. Like, short short SHORT. I trust Mark to do that, as he did it before. :) Anyway, I called them up, and not only had Mark left (about 6+ months ago), but so had Kristen (4-5 months ago) and even Patrik (2 or so weeks ago), all of whom came from Georgia Alan! The only one left there from the original salon is Dawn, and honestly, at this point... who knows if she'll stick around. Maybe she will, but all I know is that 75% of those who worked at the salon that I fell in love with left once they merged with a salon that I really disliked. Plus, their Deva haircuts have SKYROCKETED, from $60 when I was at Georgia Alan (and with Mark at this salon, since I was a previous guest) to $100 now. That's just... no. So... I mean, give it a shot if you will. I'm personally not going to trust a salon where the three decidedly most talented from another salon left after only a year. :|

Reviewed on: 06.07.12

Stylist: patrick

I was looking for a new salon and decided to try Morgan Gerard after seeing their living social deal last week. I called for an appointment for haircut and to touch up my highlights. I have naturally curly hair and asked for someone that has experience cutting curly hair. Patrick cut my hair and added the color to highlight my dark blonde hair. (He kept the color on my hair for 55 min!) After getting my hair washed, I noticed awful blonde highlights right along my face that were about half an inch from my roots. I pointed it out to him and he agreed it needed to be fixed. I asked him to inspect my whole head. He inspected and said the other highlights looked great. After adding more color and getting my hair washed again, I asked for a mirror so I could see my hair when it was straight. The highlights on my whole head where nowhere near my roots. I again asked him to inspect it. There was no way I could wear my hair straight because it looked like I needed to get my roots done. (That is how it looked before I got there!) He agreed it needed to be fixed. He fixed it for the 2nd time by basically adding in my natural hair color over the new highlights. After 3.5 hours, I was ready to cut my losses and leave and he was pushing me out the door. I basically paid for him to give me bad highlights and then to remove them. I am being nice by rating him a 2 because his cut was fine but his color was a disaster. He wasted my day and wasted my money. Stay away.

Reviewed on: 09.03.12

Stylist: patrick

This is actually the new location and name for Georgia alan salon formally patrick alan salon. Best hair cut ever was amazing to watch my dull curls return to the springy lightness they used to have. The products and instructions were great! No one pressures you to Buy anything and they give you really good advice. Patrick and everyone there were super nice! Best hair cut I have had in my life!.

Reviewed on: 04.03.12