Brianne Prince Salon

209 S. West St
Mason, OH 45040

User Reviews

Stylist: Brianne Prince

So glad I found Brianne. She does a great job of giving tips and explaining techniques to achieve the best curls possible. Some may think the Deva cut and products are expensive but having a great head of curls with very little effort is priceless to me!

Reviewed on 05.04.12

Stylist: Brianne Prince

Brianne was kind, knowledgeable, and great with my little girl. She taught us a great deal about caring properly for my daughter's curly hair with Deva Curl. I'm forever grateful for her time, expertise, and attention. My girl loves her curls and is more proud than ever to be curly. I'm one very happy mommy!

Reviewed on 01.14.12

Stylist: Brianne Prince

Wow I just had my first appt w/ Brianne and my curls look amazing. The best they've ever looked. She spent a ton of time helping me figure out how to style it too! So happy!

Reviewed on 12.28.11

Stylist: Brianne Prince

Brianne is the Best! She has curly hair and totally understands your concerns and dilemmas. I am a recent straight to curly girl and am really happy with my results so far. Brianne takes time to explain the process and products and is very encouraging. I have spent tons of $$$$$$$ on all kinds of hair products, cuts and so far, the Deva Curl method is the only one that has given me encouragement to continue.

Reviewed on 06.08.11

Stylist: Brianne Prince

Brianne is a master at taming those curly locks! After years of flat irons, straightening processes, yanking and begging my curly hair to behave I found Brianne. She not only gave me a perfect cut and color but taught me how to manage my hair for everyday great curl. When you add her technical skills to her superb customer service, she is a treasure! I highly recommend Brianne!

Reviewed on 05.25.11

Stylist: Brianne Prince

I have been seeing Brianne for some time now and I really enjoy what she has done with my hair. I get a Deva cut with her on average every 8-10 weeks and we are maintaining my long 2a/2b curls. She takes her time and always shows me new ways to wear my hair so that I never get bored. If you have never had a Deva cut, I suggest trying it because it has really made a difference in how my hair lays. She spends a lot of time explaining how to use the products as well.

Reviewed on 05.20.11

Stylist: Brianne

Brianne is a miracle worker when it comes to curly hair. She not only gave me the best curly hair cut I have ever had but she showed me all the right products to use. My hair has never looked so good. I am so proud of my curly hair now and I love that I have found someone who can make my hair look so fabulous!!!! Thanks Brianne!!!

Reviewed on 03.23.11

Stylist: Brianne

I waited about 10 days to post this review, just to make sure I still liked my cut...and I do! She took time to talk to me about what I wanted, how I styled my hair, etc. I walked in with a very grown out butcher-near-mullet job from another salon, and although I am not 100% happy with my hair, it is looking a lot better than when I walked in there. I think that after another couple months of growth and good cuts, I will be very happy with my hair once again. The price was a tad high for the area but worth it for good hair! FYI: She offers Deva-cuts and regular haircuts, the Deva cut is 2x the price though. Since I am just wavy and have had great cuts long before the Deva method was around, I opted for the regular cut.

Reviewed on 03.06.10

Stylist: Brianne

Brianne is comfortable and feels at ease cutting and styling curly hair. She herself has curly hair so she is familliar with the struggles we all go through trying to get the curls to look perfect! She really takes her time and works with your specific curls. My friend Betsy came along recently and we had appointments together- Brianne gave her different product suggestions than mine and dried her hair differently even though we both have curls. She really does taylor her method to suit your needs.

Reviewed on 04.29.09