5 Arrow St.
Cambridge, MA 02138, United States



Stylist: Kara

I went there yesterday and absolutely regret going. I was recommended by this website to go there because I thought they did curly hair like mine, which is 3B. My stylist had no idea what she was doing, well at least that's how I saw it. I went in to go get my hair washed,blow dried, straightened, and trimmed. The only thing she did right was blow drying it, she didn't even wash my hair good. When it came to straightening, she didn't go over all of my hair or go over my ends. When she "finished" my hair, it was FLUFFY. not straight. And I can't believe the price I payed for it. $100! I left that salon highly UPSET. I would NOT recommend this salon to people who have hair types 3A and up. I went home and had to re-straighten it myself!

Reviewed on: 20.01.13