1354 Clarkson Clayton Center
Ellisville, MO 63011, United States

Lisa Chandler


Stylist: Debbie Watson

Debbie Watson is NO LONGER at Marycates Salon. She has opened her own curly salon. Here is her contact info: 314-608-9001 Salon Lofts 15868 Fountain Plz Dr Ellisville, MO 63011

Reviewed on: 20.12.13

Stylist: Bridget

Perhaps I had unrealistic expectations for this, but I wasn't super blown away by this experience. It's nothing against Bridget or anything, she was soooo nice and cool. When I set up the appointment I knew that she was not one of Marycate's curly experts, but was assured that she knew the curlygirl cut method. However, she didn't seem that comfortable working with curly hair. For one thing, she said that her own hair is super curly, but she can't stand/handle it. That made me sad, because I bet it's awesome. She also was about to use a hairdryer without a diffuser on my hair (until another stylist stopped her), and was touching it a lot with her hands as it was drying. She didn't like the idea of cutting my hair as short as I wanted because she thought it would turn into a triangle shape-though I know that curly hair can be cut in a way that doesn't do this. I guess I would suggest specifically asking for one of the curly hair certified stylists. That's what I'll do next time! It's a great location and so far (just got back) I'm really happy with my cut.

Reviewed on: 06.10.13

Stylist: Debbie Watson

I have been a client of Debbie Watson for the past 12 years. She does an excellent job with my stubborn, sassy, curly hair. She is patient and has the knowledge to cut my hair into a attractive style that flatters my face. Debbie stays very current on the latest hair trends and is very willing to try something new with my hair when I get bored with it. She is very professional and treats her clients with the highest respect. Each month, I look very forward to visit Debbie Watson at Mary Cates salon, and treat myself to the very best salon experience in St. Louis.

Reviewed on: 05.11.12

Stylist: Debbie Watson

I've been with Debbie Watson for several years now and this past year I noticed a flyer on her work station about straightening hair. Debbie and I decided to try a Keratin product on my hair and now I love my straighter hair. Debbie has taken classes on doing this procedure and my results have been amazing. I've had several people tell me that I look younger with the straighter, sleeker style. The best thing about it is it's easier and faster for me to handle. After moving to Mary Cates salon (which I love) I noticed that they used the Bare MInerals make-up. I knew that Debbie had won awards for make-up for bridal parties, etc. but I just never thought about being "made up" by a professional. Debbie offered to do a make-up lesson and I was amazed at the difference. She excels at teaching how to handle your own hair and make-up and even though I already used that line of make-up, she chose better colors and applied it in a way that made me glow. I'm so glad I found Debbie.

Reviewed on: 16.09.12

Stylist: Debbie Watson

Seven years ago I approached a woman at church who had beautiful curly hair and asked who she went to for her hair. She sent me to Debbie Watson and I've been happy ever since. When I went to Debbie, my hair was a bad color, frizzy and in poor condition. Debbie worked with me and taught me how to style it with better products and my hair got better and healthier. Now I have people approaching me complimenting me on my hair! Debbie is open to changing things up when I want something different, she listens and truly cares about her clients. I feel like I'm with a friend when I'm there. She keeps up with things with continued training and knows the newest things. I would follow Debbie anywhere but was especially happy when she moved to Mary Cates new salon. I never thought I could afford to go to such a nice salon but they have made it a quality experience at a fair price. It's relaxing and elegant without being "stuffy".

Reviewed on: 19.08.12

Stylist: Debbie Watson

Debbie Watson has been my stylist for 15+ years. I found her at The Blonde Flamingo, and followed her to Studio 703, Tony Russo's, and now she is at the very posh Mary Cates Salon! Debbie has studied under Lorraine Massey and uses all the best products on my hair. When you sit in Debbie's chair you feel like you have known her for years. She is very easy to talk to. She listens intently to make sure she understands the look you want her to create. She is definitely an expert in her craft. You will never feel rushed or hurried. She takes time to show you how to use all the products and is very knowledgable about them. I highly recommend Debbie. She is top notch!

Reviewed on: 20.07.12

Stylist: Debbie Watson

Debbie Watson is my stylist. She was previously at Tony Russos and I will follow her wherever she goes! Debbie has trained with Lorraine Massey and knows the Deva products. She will explain how to use everything and show you how to take care of your hair. She is very patient and answers all questions. I love the way she colors my red hair very naturally and gets it right every time. She is easy to talk to and she, and the salon, will give you a very relaxing experience. She is a 5 curl stylist!

Reviewed on: 23.06.12