1534 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216, United States

Jocelyn Starkey


Stylist: Amanda

I went to the New Age Salon website after the suggestion of NaturallyCurly.com. I moved to Buffalo from Chicago and I was looking a good stylist. So I was excited to check The New Age Salon out. Amanda the owner and head stylist described herself as a "master-tamer of the ever-defiant curly coiff." I read this and got really excited. But once I made my appointment and called the salon to make sure they could do all types of curly hair, it was evident they could NOT. I spoke with Amanda and she told me she only specializes in doing "traditional" curly hair which I guess in her mind translates to "Caucasian curls". She said she is great with curls but not good with texture. I was very offended due to the fact that my hair is fine and similar to biracial hair. She didn't even really try to see if she could do it. She just wrote me off once she knew I was African American. I WOULD NOT recommend this salon considering most curls have texture. I would actually recommend removing her salon from this website because she doesn't got it. Don't waste your time. She calls her salon "New Age" but she definitely is caught in the past if she is unable to "master" all types of curly hair.

Reviewed on: 29.06.14