4738 Central Park Dr
Okemos, MI 48854, United States

Stylist: Lori

I went here to get a hair cut and highlights. Ended up not getting the hair cut because they were about to cut my hair as if it was straight hair. I ended up getting red highlights that were $75 (expensive for highlights). She was moderately nice - a bit distant. So far so good, right? Wrong! The next day my hair was extremely dry, so I called them about my hair. They claimed I did something wrong and wouldn't help. I ended up deep conditioning it twice just to get it back to normal. The dye was suppose to last 3-4 months. It lasted 3 weeks! So I called again, and they said that they have never heard anyone have such issues and told me I must be doing something wrong. Worst customer service ever, worst dye job ever. Never going back there again

Reviewed on: 19.04.14

Stylist: Sue

Sue explained everything incredibly well (I went for a single process color, not a cut). And she was impressed with my borderline obsessive knowledge of hair rather than annoyed by it.

Reviewed on: 24.03.12

Stylist: T.C.

I went here to get a trim (because I'm growing my hair out) and a consultation for their thermal reconditioning service. During the consultation, T.C. (who's also owner of this salon) exhibited poor customer service skills. Although she performs the TR service, she continued to speak down to me as if I didn't know what this service entailed, even after I explained to her in detail very clearly what I want and what my problems are and that I'd been researching this for over six years. She admitted my hair would be a great candidate for the service, but continued to give me "motherly, disapproving" type looks the entire consultation. As for the trim, she cut off very little until she said that she found ends that were not growing out right, and she had to cut off significantly more to even the edges up, which was fine because who wants crazy ends? At least she warned me. It looked fine, at first. Then I had an appointment with another stylist at another salon a month later for a consultation who trimmed my hair up because SHE FELT BAD for me that my hair had been trimmed so horribly uneven by TC that I had random strands an inch or more long and the rest just hanging there. My style is by no means straight across, but it was obvious when I looked at the ends that TC didn't know how to cut a straight line. The new stylist said that she felt so bad that I actually paid for that kind of service she almost called TC herself and demand my money back for me. Although the rest of the staff seem very competent (Martha is an amazing stylist and colorist!) TC really disappointed me.

Reviewed on: 26.10.09