2835 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020, United States

Stylist: Maria Sanchez

Caribbean girl with waist-length 3C curls here. My hair was in desperate need of a cut. I had about two inches of split ends and I hadn't gotten a cut in about a year. I've been living in Miami for about 14 years and I've gone to other salons on this website. I've gotten a mostly okay cuts, but none quite met the "big picture" standard I was looking for. I'd always avoided Dominican salons (I'm half Dominican) because they tended to push hard on "fixing" my curly hair. Anytime I walked into a salon and heard "derrizado," "alizado," "relaxer" or "blow out" I'd walk right back out. I got the recommendation to go to Merengue after I asked a girl with a gorgeous head of perfectly cut 3C curls who'd cut her hair. I called the salon on a Tuesday and spoke with Maria. She was very pleasant and easy-going on the phone (and fully bilingual). She told me I could head on in that afternoon. I told her I had waist-length curly hair and just wanted a simple cut. Maria said that for longer hair like mine, she preferred to cut it dry if it was blown out. Mine wasn't, but I went in with dry hair anyway. The salon is very conveniently located right off the I-95 exit, on the ground floor of a tall, white building. There is plenty of parking in the back. When I walked in, I was relieved to see the other stylists had varying hairstyles ranging from curly to straight, and long to medium-length hair. Maria and the other stylists made me feel very welcome. I was attended to right away. The recommendation to relax or blow out my hair never came. Instead, I got a pleasant shock. Maria complimented my hair! Maria cut only what was necessary. Most importantly, she listened to what I wanted. I'd gone in wanting long layers, but Maria said that with my type and length of hair I should just let it grow to an even, long length. That was a first. Every salon I've ever been to has treated my hair as a problem in one way or another. Not Maria. All she recommended was a cellophane treatment and to come back in four months for upkeep. I can honestly say that Maria did a spectacular job. From start to finish, she was quick, courteous and professional. I paid the least amount of money I've ever been charged at a salon (including the tip), and got the best cut I've ever gotten in Florida. My curls have found their south Florida home.

Reviewed on: 10.02.14