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User Reviews

Stylist: Kathy

I was wait-listed for an appointment with Kathy because she has a great reputation for cutting curly hair. Recommendations from staff were over-the-moon. Unfortunately my experience was less than wonderful. I got my cut just before Christmas and I've hated it since. I've worn my hair curly since 1989 and I've struggled with getting it to look good after my cut. I even had someone comment last week while looking at an earlier photo of me "what happened to your hair?" (it looked great in the photo). I don't know what happened since others have had such positive results with cuts by Karen. I'll still shop at Delineation for my curly hair products because they have a great selection and the customer service is AMAZING!

Reviewed on 04.26.11

Stylist: Susan

After many, many years of relaxing my hair, I decided it was time to embrace my type 3c/4a curls. I let my hair go without treatment, blow drying and flat ironing as it grew longer. Fifteen months went by and I finally had enough new growth to go curly. After reading the reviews on this site, I made an appointment with Susan. I waited over a month for the appointment and it was absolutely worth it. We sat and discussed my hair history, it's structure, curl growth pattern, hair products, and style all before she even picked up her scissors. She did a dry cut all the while, taking great care as she trimmed away most of my relaxed bits and gave my hair shape. After shampooing my hair, and putting in some product,I was put under the dryer for a couple of minutes. This enabled Susan to see how my curl was reacting, and then finished up with a few more snips here and there. I left the salon with a great cut, a few samples of hair product to try out and beautiful curls without the slightest bit of frizz or poof. I also left with my next appointment already booked for October. If you are considering going curly or have ever left a salon anxious to get home and into the shower, make an appointment with Susan. You'll be glad that you did

Reviewed on 07.27.10

Stylist: Susan

It has been a year since my last haircut! I have been researching salons, reading reviews & I decided on Susan at Delineation! Boy am I glad I did. First thing she did was sit me down & ask me what I wanted with my hair, what kind of products I use, so she could figure out what I wanted to do. She showed me a picture of her hair & it was just like mine! She did a combo dry & wet cut. I asked her questions about things that confused me & she answered the questions. I am so used to going into a salon where they try to sell you things, tell you that you shouldn't do your colour at home, but Susan didn't say that at all. She said if I wanted to try this & said which at home colours were better. I hate pushy people & she wasn't in the slightest way. I even came out of the visit with good looking hair at the end. I often hate the style that has been done & have to fix it almost immediately. I can't wait to go back!

Reviewed on 06.18.10

Stylist: Susan

Like one of the other people posting here, I have also been going to Susan for several years. She has done different curl cutting courses including Lorraine Massey's Deva cuts and Jonathan Torch's tunnel cut and will cut your curls according to the method that best suits them. She clearly enjoys cutting curls and understands them (she's a curly herself although her hair is too short to show it). She listens to what you say and want. So if you ask for a trim, you'll get one and not 6 inches off.

Reviewed on 03.27.10

Stylist: Susan

I have been seeing Susan now for several years. I have long type 3a/b curly hair. Susan does the Curly Girl dry cut on my hair to ensure the curl looks evenly cut, since most of us have different types of curls all over our heads. She gets to know your curl and you. Susan is one of the stylists trained to cut curly hair by Lorraine Massey (of DevaCurl and the "Curly Girl" book). Susan does not pressure you to get anything you don't want to get. She has eased me into a more layered look and I love it. She has great curl-instincts. She gives great curl-therapy. She keeps me informed of the latest products for curly hair and recommends products that are appropriate for my type of fine-haired curl. Delineations is also GREAT about providing samples, so you don't end up with bottles of product that you won't use again. I can't recommend this salon enough.

Reviewed on 03.20.10

Stylist: Susan

When I first moved to Toronto I had a tough time finding a good stylist to cut my curls. I tried many different salons and stylists before stumbling on Susan at Delineation. What luck when I finally did! Susan has been cutting my curly hair for almost ten years now. What's more, she's been able to give me many different great looks over the years, including the transitions in between short and long styles. I've never had a stylist before who could do this. Susan takes time to show me how to care for my curls. She shows me how to apply different products, how much to use, when to apply it, everything. Over the past couple of years I've been growing my curls longer, something I haven't done since my teenage years. I finally got over my reluctance for longer hair because I trusted Susan, to give me a good shape and to show me how to manage it while still looking professional in the office. She's shown me how to dry my longer curls in different ways, and how to pin up my hair for different looks. She even took the time to help me choose a headband. Susan also cuts my husband's (straight) hair. But I've also seen some curly haired men leaving her station with great looking cuts. Guys, don't be shy! Ask for Susan. I highly recommend Susan.

Reviewed on 01.28.10

Stylist: Susan

Susan is fantastic. She works with me and my hair and I especially appreciate the time she spends teaching me how to care for my hair. I also love the mitts that take the moisture out of my hair and save drying time!

Reviewed on 01.24.10

Stylist: Joseph

Delineation is a great salon and hair product store. It carries all my favourite curly hair lines - DevaCurl, Curly Hair Solutions, Ouidad, and so on. I recently got the best haircut I've ever had from one of their stylists, Joseph. They have several stylists who were trained to cut curly hair by Lorraine Massey (of DevaCurl). My curls are bouncy and well-defined, and I no longer have triangle head!

Reviewed on 03.17.07