1157 New Britain Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110, United States



Stylist: Mark

I had been traveling to a Devachan-trained stylist some miles from my home, but, during winter months, this became tedious. So, I started the search for someone closer to home. I went to Mark for a consultation, and, after my first cut/color, I was hooked. He understands curly hair - he has locks similar to my own 3B hair - and took the time to talk with me and figure out what my "style" is. Although he doesn't cut using one of the highly touted curly techniques, whatever he does work. I went short a while back, and the woman who cut my hair just couldn't get my hair to have a decent shape (she shredded the curls by twisting and cutting into them!). Mark not only gave it back a shape but managed to deal with the residual frizziness left by the previous cut. My curls are back! Thank you, Mark! And, you needn't go to someone who just focuses on curls - Mark is also able to deal with my sisters' heads of hair - one thick, long & wavy, the other short, fine, thin, and pin straight. So, he's a find for all the women in your world.

Reviewed on: 30.08.13