magnolia ave salon

paul mitchell
1210 south main st
Fort Worth, TX 76104

User Reviews

Stylist: Neight

Neight gave me the best hair cut I've ever had!  He is so personable, and he actually listens to what you want.  He is the first stylist I've ever seen who gave me exactly what I wanted, no fear!  Most stylists (even those experienced with curly hair) are afraid to cut my hair in the style I request, and as a result I get a boring, barely layered cut that does nothing for me.  Neight was absolutely fearless, chopped my hair off and proceeded to trim it into the short, bouncy style I had requested.  It looked so good when he was done, that the other stylists were staring at my hair in amazement and talking about how great it looked.  I will ALWAYS go back to Neight!

Reviewed on 02.20.17

Stylist: Tim

Tim is AMAZING!  We first tried my hair red.....then I went back and did a rich dark chocolate with red undertone.  It is the best cut and color I have had in years!!  He understands curly hair, will teach you how to style it, and explain in detail how to use the products, and why.  I love Tim, and cannot say enough amazing things about him!!! Thank you Tim for making me feel beautiful :)

Reviewed on 07.19.14

Stylist: Tim

I do not have enough words to say how amazing of a job Tim did on my hair! I have tried so many different salons in the past couple of years and no one has yet to take the time and talk about my hair with me. He showed me how to style my hair and I walked out of there happier than I ever have!

Reviewed on 11.10.13

Stylist: Bianca Thornton

I can't wait for my next appointment with Banca. She talked to me and showed me step y step what she was going to do and why. I had an amazing shampoo and enjoyed a glass of wine. My hair looked awesome and she even showed me how to do it at home. good experience.

Reviewed on 01.24.13

Stylist: Bianca Thornton

This girl is AWESOME!! I had NO IDEA that my curls were this pretty! She sat down with me and talked to me on a personal level on my concerns my expectations and made me feel completely comfortable before she even picked up the scissors. But the way she styled it.. wow.. it was the dream curls i have always wanted. The one on one lesson she gave me on top of it was the icing on the curly cake.. the showed me what I needed to do step by step to make it as easy for me as it could get. Now my hair looks great and I'm looking forward to my next trip!!

Reviewed on 08.29.12

Stylist: kristy

Kristy has moved. Does anyone know a great replacement for her?

Reviewed on 04.20.12

Stylist: kristy

Before I went to Magnolia, only 2 people had cut my hair in my entire life and I'm 26 years old. I was apprehensive about going to a new stylist, but I read the reviews on naturallycurly and found Kristy's name. I couldn't have been happier with my haircut. She did an absolutely fantastic job and took time to explain styling techniques. She even showed me how to easily do perfect ringlets curls. I will definitely be going back to Kristy!

Reviewed on 01.10.12

Stylist: cheyenne

I started going to cheyenne a few months ago for my curls and i was impressed . she took the time to explain how i should maintain my curls and just the right cut i needed to have lasting springy curls.this is the first time i have had consistant results, and i have never been happier. i also noticed there are other stylist cutting curly hair as well .cheyenne thank you for giving me a beautiful cut,

Reviewed on 12.28.11

Stylist: kristy

Kristy was my first experience with a curly hair specialist and I am very impressed with her knowledge of just where to cut the curl and the time she took to do it to make the longest springy layers my short cut will allow. She also had new advice for styling my hair and did a beautiful job turning my gray into a shiny chocolate. Thanks Kristy!

Reviewed on 07.22.11

Stylist: kristy

After years of blow drying my hair straight--I have Naturally Curly hair--I wanted a haircut that would be easy to manage for the summer. Kristy cut my hair in a way that I just love. Kristy's hair is naturally wavy so she can relate. Kristy also was very helpful with some tips for me when I want to blow out my hair. Kristy I can't thank you enough.

Reviewed on 07.13.11

Stylist: Kristy

Kristy! Kristy! Kristy!... All I can say is O---M---G!!! After going to a salon on 7th street for the past year, I started to realize I was getting duped and milked for all the money I was willing to spend on a crap job haircut. I decided to try Magnolia Ave Salon and Kristy did my cut and color. I was absolutely amazed with how much of an excellent job she did. She cut my hair exactly how I asked and managed to fix my crap job haircut. She actually made my hair look longer than what it was before, even after cutting off the dead ends! My color and highlights looked amazing!! It was exactly what I asked for and looked super natural.She wasn't pushy and didn't push product on me like so many other places that I've been to. The salon was creatively decorated, cute and quaint. I would have expected Kristy to be in some upscale Dallas location charging me bookoo bucks for what I received. I was pleasantly surprised and will be a lifer of Kristy from here on out. Great experience... By far....

Reviewed on 07.12.11

Stylist: kristy

I went to Magnolia Ave Salon over the weekend and had a fabulous experience. Kristy really takes the time to listen ,and understand my needs as a curly girl .She gave me a few tips to improve my curls and i walked out of there with bouncy curls and my hair never looks so fabulous.I highly recommend Kristy..

Reviewed on 07.12.11

Stylist: kristy

I have Naturally curly hair and i just couldn't find a stylist until i found Kristy.Kristy cut my hair in such a way that my curls look awesome.she also taught me how to manage my curls from start to finsh, oh and she has this little twisting trick to make the curls look beautiful. i now have a stylist for life ,Thank You Kristy

Reviewed on 07.04.11