510 St. Marys Street nSuite 5
Raleigh, NC 27605, United States

Stylist: Will Champagne

First and foremost, this artist knows curls. He attacks your head with a vision and each curl is its own entity. I have never had a hair cut (sculpt really) as inspired as this. He loves us curlies and that is so refreshing. And he is so thorough with his instructions, he wants you to be able to do your hair at home as well as he does it. He is a Deva devote, and it is wonderful to have an expert know what product to use and how to use it. After my hair cut (worth every extra penny over other stylists) he told me that I wasn't due for another cut for about a year...so really a time and money saver. I have had curly hair all my life, and when I returned from getting my new hair cut, all my friends were saying, "wow, your hair is so curly" and that was because Will showed me how to get definition with the Deva products. I love Will, I love Deva, and finally, I love my hair.

Reviewed on: 23.02.12

Stylist: Will Champagne

the deva curl products he recomended that I use from his salon were excelent. the best products I have ever had. his cd was great and very informative. he provided tons of excelent written info. I use these daily in my routine. I am a 3b curly girl. because I have cradle head I use apple cider vinegar on my hair with the occassional use of saltwater.

Reviewed on: 20.07.11

Stylist: Will Champagne

I had to comment on Will's professionalism and expertise with naturally curly hair. I absolutely love him as a person and as a specialist in curly hair. What I love the most is his caring nature, helping you learn to love your natural hair. He truly has compassion for us curlies and he enjoys teaching you how to care for your hair. This is a true gem for natural curlies, especially here in Raleigh where you cant find service and quality like that as compared to major cities like NYC and LA. Other stylists are good in their own way but Will is a Champion in a market that lacks pure knowldege on the nature of curly hair. We are unique and different and we dont fit the mass mold of cuts and process. Many stylists may get a quick "cheat sheet "on curly hair, but Will is someone who KNOWS his stuff in and out. So, all in all, I would highly recommend him and it is worth every penny. You only need a cut 2 times a year as opposed to the "not so good cuts" that require you to come in 4-5 times a year, and be sure the stylists wants you come in that many times and more....... You will be happier with a specialist. Will definitely brings in his art and passion from his heart, not his wallet. Believe me, I have come across many who are more about the wallet then the heart. Not with Will!! He genuinly cares and in my opinion, that is priceless!!. Will values quality and it shows in his work!

Reviewed on: 30.04.11

Stylist: William Champagne

The man not only convinced a skeptic but did so without much to work with! While I left without much of a drastic change (not much hair to cut!) I left with wavy curls and the confidence to play play play! Friendly doesn't do this man justice and tips...he didn't hide them! Instead of a cut where the stylist "hides" their tricks of the trade, he wanted me to see it all! I came to him not knowing if I was using the right things, much less the right amount, and having no real idea how to fix my mop to leaving with products that not only help my hair but feel great, I know how much to use, and have some exciting plans on where my Curly Girl journey might go now that it has begun!

Reviewed on: 20.01.11

Stylist: William

FINALLY! After living in NC for almost 2 years, I pretty much gave up hope of finding a Deva Concept cut ever again. My curls looked like they were cut by a lawnmower. Then I met William! He spent time talking to me about my hair, cut each curl the way it"s supposed to be done and I walked out with ringlets once again. The man is a genius!!! If you have curls that need some TLC, William Champagne is your "go to" guy. HE'S MY NEW CURL HERO!!!

Reviewed on: 21.12.10

Stylist: Will Champagne

Will worked a miracle on my hair! He owns and operates his own place, and does one client at a time. It's awesome because you don't have the hustle and bustle of a busy salon. He gave an awesome training session, and brought out curl in my hair i never knew existed! A++++

Reviewed on: 21.10.10