5650 W 86th St nSuite 120 #11
Indianapolis, IN 46278, United States

Beverly Eckard


Stylist: Danielle

Danielle is absolutely amazing with cutting and coloring curly hair!  She not only does an amazing cut, she also takes the time to teach you how to style on your own.  

I walked out w beautiful curls that so many people commented on the ought the day and evening... And 2 days later, I'm still loving my cut, style and color! 

I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone w curly hair!  

Reviewed on: 28.09.14

Stylist: Danielle

Danielle is absolutely *the best* when it comes to curly hair. I thought I was destined to have short hair or live with a haystack on my head until my sister told me to march myself over to DevaCurl and find an Advanced Stylist pronto. And she was very clear that only an Advanced Deva-trained stylist would do. After Danielle cut my hair - dry and with attention to each curl, of course - I understand why.

Now my curls are so gorgeous that people on the street regularly stop me to ask about them. Thanks Danielle!

I should also note that Danielle's prices, especially for someone with Advanced Deva training, are incredibly reasonable. At the beginning of my Great Hairstylist Search I looked around at some other Advanced Deva folks but the prices were jaw-dropping. And Danielle is an incredibly kind person. I'm always excited to see my Danielle hair date coming up in my calendar.

Thanks Danielle!

Reviewed on: 16.07.14

Stylist: Danielle

Danielle is Deva Curl trained in fact she has made my curls even better than they were before. She cuts my hair dry asks me about my color and how it's doing and we get started. She uses the Deva Method on me each time to the point she finger combs my hair who does that ladies? I know I do personally at home but no stylist has until her and I love it! In my past I have went to people who said "Oh yeah all our stylist know how to cut curly hair and ladies we know where that gets you..in a lot of trouble''. When I started going to Danielle 3 years ago my hair color was not up to par she listened to what I wanted and I told her how I wanted to keep the integrity of my curls and she understood. If you need someone who is not only personable, willing to listen to what you want and she delivers each time then ladies you have no further to look. Every six weeks I look forward to my time with Danielle because I know my hair comes out looking great and fabulous. Also if you want to know how to save the integrity of your curls with lightening your hair then she's the girl and I don't trust anyone else with my hair. Call Danielle...

Reviewed on: 30.09.13

Stylist: Danielle

Danielle is Deva Curl trained which makes her amazing at cutting curly hair. She has been cutting my hair for a few years and has always nailed it! She cuts my hair dry which makes a big difference in my overall shape and length. Then she uses Deva Curl products to clean and style. During the process, she explains what she is doing and why. If you haven't had a Deva Curl cut, you should definitely call Danielle.

Reviewed on: 25.09.13