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Stylist: Veronica

Let me first say that Veronica is super nice and I've never felt awkward in her chair as some stylist can. Veronica does not have curly hair, she has wavy hair, so I don't feel she knows exactly what curlies have to deal with or how to style us. I went to her after the she was given the "Best of Beauty: Curly Hair Stylist" award from Austin Monthly. I'm growing my hair out so she's never given me anything but a trim but she has no clue how to style curly hair. When she diffuses my hair she twirls the top layer, pulls it down and blow dries from the side; she does not squish my hair up into the diffuser to add volume. By the time I leave my hair is so flat (all my curls on top...gone!)! As a Texas girl, I'm annoyed. As someone who came to her because she's a "curly hair specialist," I'm way beyond annoyed. I always have to make sure she gives me a blow-out or else put my hair up as soon as I walk out the door. During my most recent cut I was telling her how I don't feel I'm getting enough moisture from my sulfate, silicone and paraben free conditioner because it's too watery. I was definitely emphasizing the fact that my hair has been way better off without those chemicals and that I'm so glad I've stopped using them. She proceeds to wash my hair with a shampoo that obviously has sulfates in it, and recommends a couple of conditioning sprays and styling products. When I look at the ingredients both products have sulfates and silicones near the front of the list. A "curly hair specialist" should know that and not use them on her clients. She's a great person and one of the easiest stylist to talk to that I've ever had but she doesn't know curly. (I have 3a hair on top and towards the bottom and 3b hair in the sections above my ears and towards the bottom.)

Reviewed on 05.23.13

Stylist: Veronica

We heard a lot of good things about Urbam Betty, and had wanted to try it for a long time. I was told Veronica was amazing with curls so we decided to give it a try for myb12 year old daughter. She wants to let her 3a shoulder-length hair grow, but it needed shape. She was meticulous, looking at the texture and tightness of her curls. She cut it wet, and then did some tweaks when it was dry. Veronica has curly hair herself, and really understands the unique personality of curls. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 12.17.12