185 N Milwaukee Avenue
Lincolnshire , IL 60069, United States
(847) 793-1111

Stylist: Chanel

This is the 3rd time I have had my curls tamed by this Salon and I am absolutely sold!!!  They give you an option of doing the "Deva Cut" for $110 or a regular haircut for whatever that stylist's price is and I have tried both.  Both are equally worth every penny!  The last one I had with Chanel and she rocked my Deva Cut.  She cut curl by curl on dry hair after i styled it.  Then we washed my hair, conditioned it and she did a curly set on me as a finished product.  Like I said, worth every penny!  My "triangle" is gone, my hair has a longer shape to it now and is not bottom heavy.  I love it and get compliments every day!

Thank You ZaZa!!!

Reviewed on: 02.10.17


Multiple Deva trained stylists. I chose one. I will never go back. I have a very sharply cut layer now with NO transition. It looks like $110 of ridiculous. The back is uneven to the tune of 2 or more inches in the back. I brought in a picture, showed her what I wanted. Told her I had the style before and I really liked it. My hair is nowhere near that style. Also, though I said I had zero interest in coloring, the stylist insisted I listen to her about it/let her talk since she had extended me the same courtesy. I almost got up and walked out but thought...chill maybe you will learn something. I did. I need to learn how to cut my own hair.

Reviewed on: 28.11.14