2823 Columbine Place 100 Oaks area
Nashville, TN 37204, United States



Stylist: Helen Powers

Helen Powers was great. I called her in the morning and she saw me that afternoon. Her rates are very inexpensive and I am so grateful for that. She was very confident about cutting my curly hair and I liked the cut! She even styled my hair in a cute half updo after finishing the haircut! She was just great. Thank you, Helen.

Reviewed on: 15.02.17

Stylist: Helen Powers

Helen definitely knew what she was doing with my 3b hair.  I self maintain my hair (cut, color, styling) and haven't been to a salon in more than 5 years but I decided to go from 26 inch hair to a shorter style felt more comfortable going to a professional.  I went to the shop with pictures of what I had in mind and she was more than happy to share how she would cut my hair and eased my nerves quite well.  All in all I felt comfortable leaving my hair in her hands and walked out a happy than ever!  Highly recommended!

Reviewed on: 24.01.16

Stylist: Helen Powers

Helen did an excellent job cutting and highlighting my 2b/2c/3a curly/wavy hair! I do the Curly Girl Method. She let me bring in my sulfate and silicone free products and let me style my hair the way I like it with gel and conditioner, instead of flat ironing it. Many stylists won't let you bring in your products, so I highly respect her for letting me do that. She is not a curl specialist as far as styling the hair, but she is very good at cutting curly hair. I am very good at styling my curly hair, so I styled my own hair. She was very nice and affordable. Thank you Helen!!! <3 Raquel

Reviewed on: 26.01.15